Tuesday 25 December 2012

Virginity test: My pants had blood stains - Pupil

Culled from Punch
Fourteen-year-old Esther (not real name, pictured above), one of the victims of the virginity test that was allegedly conducted on pupils of Ajuwon Senior High School, Ajuwon, Ogun State, by their principal, fears she might have lost her virginity. She spoke with Punch correspondent, Temitayo Famutimi, on Sunday. Excerpts:
Why did you choose to do the virginity test when some pupils ran away?
I did not choose to do the test. After I and other female Senior Secondary School one pupils lined up in front of her (Olufunke Aladeojobi’s) office, I fled the scene but she noticed it and sent people after us threatening to deal with us.
Why didn’t you explain to her that you were not interested in the test?
I explained to her that my parents would be mad at me if they got to know that I did such a test without their consent but she brought out a cane and threatened to beat me mercilessly.
What happened afterwards?
Our principal marched me into her office and the school’s nurse asked me to put off my pants and laid me on the bed. She wore a glove, spread my thigh and dipped a finger into my private part. The school nurse then told the principal who was beside her that I was a virgin.
What did your principal do after the nurse said you are a virgin?
The principal said I “should not open my thigh” to any boy or man. She subsequently gave me two Ogun State customised exercise books.
Did you lose blood?
Yes, I lost blood. I didn’t notice it initially. It was the next person who saw me while dressing up that told me that my pants were stained with blood. But, I can’t say if it was the blood from my menstrual period because my menstrual period just ended or the blood was as a result of the virginity test.
Did your principal know you lost blood?
She didn’t because I left the place almost immediately and she was busy attending to other pupils.
How did your parents get to know about the incident?
I washed my blood-stained pants when I got home. I didn’t initially want to tell my mum but she noticed that I was keeping to myself. When she now queried to know what was wrong with me, I explained everything to her.
Did your principal warn you against telling your parents?
No, she didn’t. But I wouldn’t know what she might do to me if she got to know that I told my parents about it because she is strict and we all fear her. That was why I felt reluctant to tell my parents.
How have you been feeling since you underwent the test?
I have been doing fine just that I’m not happy about the incident because my classmates have been looking down on me. They keep saying that we have been “disvirgined.” I feel ashamed of myself.
Are you a virgin?
Yes. I have not had sex before but with what everybody is saying I don’t know if I am still a virgin. I really wish I’m still one.

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