Thursday 27 December 2012

Men Don't See Us as Wife Materials But as Sex Toys ––Actress

Aisha Abimbola Musa is an actress and she’s popularly known as Omoge campus because of her lead role in the Yoruba movie titled Omoge Campus released in 2002. The graduate of Hotel Management and Catering, and mother of two reveals in a chat with Angela Davies that a lot of men don’t see actresses as marriageable.
Enjoy the interesting and revealing chat below....
What is the misconception you think people have about you?
People think I am rude and arrogant because of the roles I play most times. And for that, I don’t like to be stereotyped. However, because of my physique and voice people tend to be comfortable with me playing the role of a bad girl. Unfortunately, people have misconstrued me to be bad, arrogant and always snobbish but that is not me. But with the new roles that I have played of recent, people are trying to get acquainted with my real person, trying to separate me from whom I really am in movies.

So, can you please describe your personality?
Aisha Abimbola is a humble, extremely down to earth, God fearing, kind and gentle hearted.

How did you meet your husband and what was the attraction?
The attraction was what made us friends initially. He was a member of my church, Christ Embassy and we started talking about Pastor Chris, that was where the attraction started and we became friends. Months later, precisely on November 2, 2004 he asked me to marry him and I said we are just friends, no dating and no courtship. However on February 3, 2005 we were married.

What do you do to keep your marriage intact because a lot of celebrity marriages have crashed?
(Laughs) Na God, nothing pass God. A lot of men out there don’t see actresses as marriageable, they see us as toys. They see us as women they can just come to, gamble with and go. Imagine a man betting with his friend that I can date that actress, even marry her and have kids from her. And once he is done, he is gone.
Before I was married, I had different impressions about marriage but now I know better. There are quite a number of women, even actresses who want to be married but when a man batters a woman and she is at the point of death, do you want her to still stay? A lot of actresses are facing this just that they cannot come out and say this is what we are facing. 
Some have tried maintaining a loveless marriage, they tried holding on to it and some of them are dead now. And I am not an advocate of such, if it is not working, don’t die there, instead of you to die and leave your kids as orphans, please leave and take care of your kids

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  1. For the fact that you don't do it does not mean others don't, majority of you actress are flirt.