Tuesday 7 October 2014

Selena Gomez Wanted Justin Bieber To Propose

According to reports, Selena Gomez expected her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber to propose to her while on their trip in Paris.
The reports claim that the 22year old actress/singer anticipated Bieber to pop the question but he did not. According to Hollywood life;
”The fight started because Selena was expecting him to propose on their trip and he didn’t. She was disappointed and when she brought it up he flipped out.”
‘The couple rekindled their romance last month after Bieber dumped the pop star, 20, for allegedly flirting with Kylie Jenner, 17, at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in California in April.The thing is, when they got back together he told her he was already ring shopping, it’s one of the reasons she agreed to take him back. Selena wants that security, she is ready to take that step with him and he promised her that he was too, but he was just leading her on.”
The buzz of their breakup started when Bieber was spotted with Kendall Jenner at the Paris fashion week while Selena was with friends. She also unfollowed him on Instagram. She posted a cryptic message on twitter that suggested she was done with Bieber. She wrote:
 ”Sometimes we think we aren’t good enough. But then I realize when I think I’m alone I have God. We have to learn the hard way sometimes. (sic).”

Most Nigerians Have Mouth and Body Odour- Uti Nwachukwu

TV host, actor and winner of BBA 2011; Uti Nwachukwu is tasking Nigerian to work on their personal hygiene most especially those with body and mouth odour. He made this known in a recent interview;
Yes, my fellow Nigerians. Quite a number of you smell. Be it body or mouth odour, but it has become a threat to social existence in our society, because some of you are so selfish and too wicked to bother about personal hygiene.
Uti is also giving tips on how to remedy the situation. He says,
With or without antiperspirants, shave your armpit hair.
Mouth odour is an epidemic. Is it our food or our weather? Are people using cheap toothpaste? What is it? If I meet 10 people in a day at least seven of them have some kind of funny breath.

Okonjo-Iweala Clarifies $10.8bn Missing Oil Money.

Audit report on $10.8bn allegedly missing from the coffers of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation will be ready in November, Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, has said.
Okonjo-Iweala, who is also the Coordinating Minister for the Economy spoke at the Financial Times Africa Summit 2014 in London on Monday.
She said there had been ongoing discussions between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Petroleum Resources on the matter, adding that the huge attention generated by the unaccounted fund necessitated the government to take steps leading to the appointment of Price Water House Coopers to do a forensic audit.
The minister said, “Initially it was $48bn, then $20bn; but the figure we have always had is $10.8bn. I am Minister of Finance; if money is missing I want it – to use it for good things for the country and that was why when we went to the Senate, we demanded for forensic audit. The president supported it and asked for it to be done.
“We engaged PwC with the Auditor General taking the lead. They asked for 16 weeks to complete the work; they have spent 11 or 12 weeks so far and they will be done in a couple of weeks.”
On Ebola, the minister said Nigeria needs to be commended for the efforts it made in ensuring the index case did not take the illness out of the country and also for containing it.
She said, “Nigeria did a great service by stopping Patrick Sawyer who was Minnesota-bound. Ebola cannot be said to be the real elephant in the room as it has been hyped beyond proportion by the media.
“We all want democracy, but how do you get it? It involves money. You must discuss issues relating to campaign funds. People who sponsor campaigns believe they must get something from the government when elections are won. These are the real elephants in the room and we need to deal with it.”
Discussing on a panel on Focus Nigeria, Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Arunma Oteh, described wholesale and retail trade as the future of the Nigerian economy.
Oteh said Nigeria was focusing more on Small and Medium Enterprises development as a way of creating more jobs and improving the standards of living of their citizens because it recognises that SMEs are vehicles for wealth creation.
She said, “I think first and foremost is the recognition globally about the importance of SMEs because they are the ones who create jobs. I think there is a greater focus on how SMEs can be supported.
“In our own country, President Goodluck Jonathan recently set up an SME council. He set up a job board; all of that is focused on how we can practically address the challenges we are facing with SMEs.”
The SEC boss said to grow the SMEs the capital market was absolutely important to source funds.
She added, “We need to provide funding at reasonable cost; capital that is patient so that people can grow their businesses and banking finance is not patient. What we need is capital that would be there for a long time; a market based finance that is long term and there is a global recognition of this fact."

Nicki Minaj Too Busy To Have Kids

Judith frank Edet

Curvaceous rapperNicki Minaj loves the idea of having a family but right now she is too busy to start one. The ‘Anaconda’ singer feels that it’s not yet ripe to have a family with her boyfriend. Safaree Samuels because she not ready to take a break from her souring career anytime soon.
She made his known to L’ Uomo Vogue magazine which she covered;
‘I don’t want to work my whole life without ever experiencing the joys of a family.
‘The time is not yet ripe, but when I decide to get married and become a mother, I would like to take a hiatus and dedicate myself completely to my child.
‘Family has always been very important to me, and that is why I want to wait until the right moment before starting my own. Right now I am too busy, but at a certain point the situation will change.’
Nicki accepts that she adores Beyoncé, who she has collaborated with in the remix of Beyonce’s new song; flawless. She also performed with Bey in France last month. Nicki also confessed that she admires the way Beyoncé cares for her two-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy;
 ‘Seeing Beyoncé with her daughter Blue Ivy and husband Jay Z was so tender, and it showed me that it is possible to be an animal on stage and a caring mother at the same time

Linda Ikeji's Father Finally Permits Her To Buy 2014 Range Rover!

Celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji will add another year to her age Friday, September 19 and her father finally agreed for her to buy the 2014 Range Rover.

Linda has been longing to buy herself one before now but, her father kicked against it on the grounds that she's still single and the car would be too much for her status.

But her father had a rethink and went with her to shop for the car...
Not only that, the successful blogger used the opportunity to encourage ladies to be self dependent and hard working as there's nothing they can't achieve if they follow their dreams.

Plus, she will also be starting her own programme which she called #I'dratherbeselfmade campaign, where she will be helping young girls start their own small business and financing it.

Read her touching story below;

Yay! My dad finally gave me permission to buy the 2014 Range Rover and I'm beyond happy. I've wanted this car for so long but he was against me buying it. But it's my birthday this Friday and he finally agreed that I could buy it for myself as a birthday present.
So he and I went to a car company in Victoria Island yesterday and bought this brand new 2014 Range Rover Sports Supercharged. I bought it for N24million. Yeah, I know! Its a lot of money to spend on a car but I've been wanting this car since it came But I swear I've been feeling so guilty since I bought it. I keep telling myself 'do you know how many lives you would have changed with N24million?" A lot, I know...but my life is important too na, abi? Lol.
Anyway, to make myself feel better, the September LIB giveaway will be bigger than ever...and I'm more determined now to start my #I'dratherbeselfmade campaign where I will mentor and help some young girls start their own businesses. Anyway continue to see more photos..

Now there's something I want to say to all the young girls reading this. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a man buying you things, but always remember that if you believe in yourselves and your dreams, you work hard and stay focused, there's absolutely nothing you can't buy for yourself. I'm not only buying myself cars that I want, I'm in the process of buying my own house, with my own money.
I made it on my own, in my own way and on my own terms. If anybody ever tells you that the only way you can make it in life is by laying on your back, the person lied to you. You don't have to do that. You shouldn't do that. You are strong, you are brave, you have been blessed with a talent, find yourself, believe in yourself, push yourself...and never give up. No money is sweeter than your own money, trust me. You can do it. Yes, you! You can do it. Just be patient, pay attention and work your butt off.
It's not easy trust me...if you think I had success overnight, you thought wrong. November this year will make it eight years that I've been blogging. Every single day! Before then I was a model, I was a model manager, I was an events planner, I was a columnist, I wrote a book, then I became a blogger. I put my hands in so many things because I was determined to make it in life. Finally one paid off - blogging.
I'm not better than you, if I can make it, so can you! Just never think the only option you have is men. YOU are an option and once you go to God and tell Him what you want to do and He sees that you are serious, He will lead you, He will guide you and He will make all your dreams come true.
Think about it, the people who are successful in life don't have two heads. Why can't you be one of them? You really can be. It's up to you.
Finally, I will soon start my 'I Will Rather Be Self Made' campaign where I will mentor young girls and also help some of you start your own small scale businesses by financing look out for that. I will make an announcement on this soon.
Alright guys, going to bed. Cheers and thanks for everything. YOU guys changed my life. Thank you

Married Woman Caught with her Friend's Husband

While women are complaining of girls snatching their husbands, a fan just sent in photos of this married woman that was caught live doing things with her friend's husband. Full pics...

The source said the wife trailed her friend and hubby for several weeks before she eventually caught them in action in a local hotel. Her husband managed to escape but the married woman was humiliated.

Vera Sidika flaunts her Beauty on her Birthday

The babe is from Kenya but she's dating a very rich Naija oil tycoon and eating our money. See photos...

Secrets of actress Ini Edo's Marriage and Cheating

Nothing hides forever, hence it's good for people to just be careful. This is messy, not palatable to the ears at all. Following Ini Edo's post on her twitter page confirming her marriage break up with her husband of 5 years and her claim that she never cheated on him, the relatives of her ex-husband have responded to her claims. They say Ini Edo is a liar and also a serial cheat; with instances. Details below:

A close family source who is related to Philip spoke to a source on the condition of anonymity:
"Ini Edo should shut up about the marriage crash because with the way she is going by trying to paint Phillip as the wrong party, we may be forced to open her can of worms and it will not be palatable to her and her career. 
"I can tell you that Ini Edo is a serial cheat who played the field behind her husband’s back for the duration of their marriage. Is she going to deny she was dating one Island big boy whose girlfriend organized her friends to beat her up and injured her?"
Another family source gave his own account:
"Bros, I can tell you that Ini Edo is not as innocent as she is trying to make people believe or think. We caught her on more than three occasion with three different men and she always begged us to forgive her. 
"We can even mention some of the men she had affairs with including a South-South governor whose wife embarrassed her and ordered her security to send her out of the governor’s guest house in the state capital. 
"She should dare us and we will mention the name of the governor on the pages of newspapers."

Another source, a close friend of Phillip also added his voice to the contentious issue:
"Did she tell you how Phillip embarrassed her in front of her people when he went to collect his bride price? He told her people the kind of adulterous daughter they have and how she had been cheating on him right from the first day they were married. 
"In fact, he did not want to collect the bride price but her people begged him to collect it as that would free her to get married to another man in the future."

- Ini Edo should be quiet if these allegations are true; those who live in glass house don't throw stones.

Amber Rose cries out over Pain of Hearthbreak

When they were dating and eventually got married, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were always love up, with different tattoos of each others names on their body. But things have fallen apart and she has filled for a divorce because, according to her, Wiz was cheating on her.

But truth is, she is pained as seen in her tweet. It's not easy to stop loving someone you used to love!

Dubai Police Now Use Bentley As Patrol Vehicle & Our Celebs are Flaunting Same Car

Peter Okoye who is flaunting his expensive Bentley just noticed same car is used as Taxi in Dubai. lol!

Lagos State Government To Begin Probe Of Synagogue Building Collapse On October 13th

The Lagos State Government announced on Friday Oct. 3rd that the coroner it inaugurated to probe the circumstances surrounding the 6-storey Synagogue building which collapsed on September 12th and claimed more than 115 lives will commence sitting on October 13th.
According to Punch, the Lagos State Ministry of Justice said in a statement that the coroner’s hearing will take place at the Coroner Court on the premises of the Ikeja Lagos State High Court.
The coroner is to be headed by Magistrate O.A. Komolafe, and the witness list are: The Lagos State Building Control Agency, the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, the Lagos State Ministry of Works, the Surveyor-General of the state, the SCOAN building contractors, the Standard Organisation of Nigeria and the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism.
Also to testify are the National Emergency Management Agency, the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, the Nigerian Red Cross Society, the Lagos State Fire Service and the Lagos State Transport Management Authority.
Others are the Nigerian Police Force, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, the Chief Medical Director of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, the Chief Medical Examiner of the state and officials of the Emergency Centre of the Igando General Hospital, Lagos State.
Various print and electronic media houses such as The PUNCH, The Nation, Daily Independent, The Vanguard, P.M. News, the News Agency of Nigeria, Channels Television and Television Continental are also expected to testify before the coroner of inquest.
The General Overseer and founder of SCOAN, Pastor T. B. Joshua, families of the victims, an eyewitness, Lindiw Ndwande and the chairman of the Youth League’s International Relation Committee of South Africa, Mr. Rebone Tau, have also been listed as witnesses.
Source: Punch

Joining The PDP Is A Misadventure” – Dele Momodu Tells Mimiko

Fellow Nigerians, the cookie finally crumbled days ago. After many years of speculations about the true political calculations and permutations of Ondo State Governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko, the lone Iroko tree standing for the Labour Party, the man finally defected back to where he came from, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
As aptly described by the defector himself, it was a homecoming. And the PDP, desperate to retain power, by any means, at the centre next year, wasted no time in welcoming back the proverbial prodigal son.
The party was in such a hurry that Dr Mimiko could not even enjoy the honour and privilege of being personally received by his new political godfather, President Goodluck Jonathan. He was welcomed by the Vice President, Architect Namadi Sambo, who was quick to admonish him to return home and join hands with the PDP loyalists who held fort while he went AWOL. The charismatic Chairman of the party, Alhaji Adamu Muazu, was also visibly absent.
He would have made an eloquent speech as usual rhapsodising about the greatness of Iroko in Nigerian politics. I did not read anywhere that the father of all godfathers, Chief Anthony Anenih, Chairman Board of Trustees of PDP, made himself available on this occasion to welcome back their lost sheep. Baba would have waxed lyrical about how difficult it is to find a better party than PDP. Therefore, Mimiko was received by a second eleven, and what should have been a major photo-opportunity became an anti-climax. Such is the price you pay for making the wrong moves at the wrong times in the wrong places.
I regard Dr Mimiko as one of the politicians I genuinely love in Nigeria but he must be told the home truth for this misadventure. I’m disappointed not because he joined the PDP but because he didn’t have to jump ship. To do an adaptation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, what the Governor did was tantamount to reigning in hell when it would have been better to serve in heaven. Our great Brother had the opportunity of helping Nigeria build a formidable workers’ party but he preferred to use and dump his Party in total disregard for history and posterity.
Nigeria is seriously desirous of a people’s Party. It may not happen overnight but it is very doable through dint of hard work and meticulous planning by accidental heroes like Mimiko. Despite the chicanery of the Labour Party leadership, the party was already forging ahead, albeit slowly but steadily, and it was only a matter of time before it became a force to reckon with. Sadly, Dr Mimiko has sacrificed that forward march with this selfish and unnecessary decision.
I regard Dr Mimiko as one of the politicians I genuinely love in Nigeria but he must be told the home truth for this misadventure. I’m disappointed not because he joined the PDP but because he didn’t have to jump ship.
Just in case he has forgotten, let me remind our Brother of a few instances in the past. I vividly remember that beautiful afternoon when I visited his home, opposite the American Embassy in Abuja, in the company of our mutual friend, Tokunbo Modupe. Dr Mimiko was home with only a few of his die-hard boys, including my good friend, Oluranti Akerele, of blessed memory. The house was devoid of any big man, contractors and the general parasites that litter the corridor of power. Oga’s gentle wife was not at home and he had to personally rummage the refrigerator to scavenge some drinks for us.
The reason for the Sahara-like ambience of the premises was easy to guess-ticulate, Dr Mimiko was not yet in power. He was fighting tooth and nail to rescue his mandate from the PDP candidate, Dr Olusegun Kokumo Agagu, also of blessed memory. And nothing fails like failure. I recollect how we engaged Dr Mimiko on his plans for the good people of Ondo State should he secure victory in the courts. Tokunbo Modupe and I sat with him for long hours. When we eventually left him, I passed a comment to Tokunbo about the nature of winner-takes-all politics in our dear beloved nation. I said there would have been nowhere to park our car if the man was already Governor. I always find such lessons very compelling, instructive and indelible.
Let’s now fast forward this salacious tale. By some stroke of providence, miracle or merit, our Brother retrieves his hard-earned victory from the artful dodgers. All his well-wishers including me were ostensibly happy that the hocus-pocus was over. Our joy knew no bounds. Our Brother rode triumphantly into the New Jerusalem called Akure. We all called PDP unprintable names. One of my first few encounters with the Governor was when he graced the Global Excellence Achievement Awards. I gladly received him at the entrance of the magnificent event centre, The Balmorals in Oregun Lagos, as we walked hand in hand into the venue. The first thing I told him was the awesomeness of God in restoring hope where there was none. I pleaded with him not to go back to PDP after the dust finally calms down and he said he had no such plans.
His victory on the platform of Labour Party had rekindled hope in the possibility of political Davids defeating the behemoth of PDP gladiators. There was every chance that there could be a Nigerian party free from the stranglehold, and not dangerously controlled by the irascible moneybags. In fact, I got the confidence to join the Labour Party fully from that inspiration. I was very idealistic about offering my modest support to those bold enough to create an alternative platform to those so-called mega-parties. I fervently believed in the Labour Party to mobilise and galvanise workers nationwide for political emancipation. Nigeria can only continue to wobble and fumble with the present crop of big-players who have no iota of regard for the plight of the ordinary man.
One of my tall dreams was for Nigeria’s Labour Party to link up with the British Labour Party for fraternal relationship and concrete support and I worked assiduously on that linkage. Unfortunately, the party leadership was less ambitious and more comfortable with milking their sole Governor and any disgruntled big man that absconded from embattled parties. Even at that, the party could have seized the opportunity to build itself into a very powerful force in the political firmament but the party soon became a dumping ground and junkyard for all-comers. Before my exit, when I found the party virtually irredeemable, I made spirited effort to persuade and encourage the leadership to stay strong and try to build a virile political machinery. But all those efforts went up in smoke.
My most regrettable experience was the way Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) allowed the party to pass off and leverage on its super-brand without having any influence whatsoever on its shilly-shally operations. The party wanted to cook its soup without sourcing the requisite ingredients. I had watched with incredible dismay and utter disbelief as the hopes of erecting a respectable worker’s party evaporated in a jiffy. I found it strange that a country that paraded many famous unionists could not boast of a serious Labour Party. Even the Comrade Governor Adams Oshiomhole had to find his fortune elsewhere. Just imagine Adams Oshiomhole seeking his Presidential ambition on the scale of that massive party. He would have had ready foot-soldiers in most of the workers in every ward across Nigeria. Had Governors Oshiomhole, Mimiko and other influential politicians been interested in such onerous task, they won’t have to labour in vain in different parties today.
On my part, I had humbly resigned and moved on to an even smaller party, the National Conscience Party, conceived 20 years ago by the Senior Advocate of the Masses, Chief Abdul-Ganiyu Oyesola Fawehinmi (He lives forever) where I fought hard to get my Presidential ticket. My idea was to join a party similar or closer in configuration to the ideology of a people’s party. I saw the light early enough that the Labour Party was going to suffer a monumental implosion and disintegrate so catastrophically. It was obvious that Governor Mimiko had always been a Federal player and would soon be tired of being a local champion. The truth about where his heart truly belonged has now come out. While Dr Mimiko is certainly capable of determining his own future, it is necessary for his major fan like me to undergo this type of lamentation and mourning exercise as a way of consoling those who feel totally let down by this latest escapade in our political history.
What is there for Dr Mimiko to gain again in politics? God has been very kind to him. He has been Federal Minister. He contested against his former party from a very insignificant party and won. He sought a second term and successfully fought both PDP and ACN to standstill and still won. We know he loves President Goodluck Jonathan, either for genuine or fake personal reasons, including the fear of EFCC, he could still have carried on his crusade through the Labour Party. He would have been able to kill two birds with one shot. He would have spared himself and the President the kind of unforeseen crisis that may soon erupt and enrapture PDP in Ondo State.
No matter what happens, not every Labour Party member would agree with his reasons and follow him blindly to PDP. Many will start kicking like victims of epilepsy when they discover they can’t realise or fulfil their life ambitions under the umbrella of PDP. Some of them would soon pale into irrelevance after being swamped up by PDP chieftains. Conversely, many PDP members will reject the supremacy of new-comers to their party. And they’ve started already. Can you blame them? After working so hard against a man who had tried to obliterate their party in Ondo State, they would now be forced to chew the humble pie by calling a cow uncle in order to eat beef. Please, tell me what would become of the original party leaders and elders who built the party through sweat and blood.
All those who had planned to contest elections into various positions on opposing platforms would be seeing double by now because of the personal decision of one man, Dr Mimiko. Even Mimiko has shot himself in the foot. By the time his tenure is over, he would have missed the chance of being a Senator like other former Governors who use the Senate as their retirement benefit. What then is the soul and purpose of this brouhaha? This is grossly unfair when we recollect that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu donated the bulk of South West votes to the same love-child without decamping from his own party.
I would have understood this game better if President Jonathan had agreed to hand over in 2015 to Dr Mimiko but there is no such evidence and we all know that won’t happen. I appreciate Dr Mimiko working actively for the re-election of President Jonathan in his personal capacity. It is his right as an individual to support whatever candidate he likes. However, he didn’t have to deal so fatally against the party that brought him back from the shadows of death. Without the Labour Party, PDP would not have found him useful today.
He would have vanished into total oblivion from our merciless political landscape. At best he would have enjoyed relative obscurity. In short without the Labour Party his star was dimming and his political career was almost at curtains drawn as depicted by the ghost town feeling of his Abuja home when I visited with Tokunbo Modupe. I believe Iroko didn’t consider many things before taking this disastrous action. The collective destinies of many of his supporters have been mortgaged so recklessly. The teeming populace who supported him because they believed that he had been hard done by and deserved a measure of solidarity have been left to roast in their own juice.
Iroko has jettisoned loyal Labour Party members who felt his leadership was necessary in their bid to start the process of effective opposition like jetsam and flotsam. He has given no consideration as to the hiatus he has created.
As for most of those who followed him to Abuja like objects of mass hypnotism, they will soon awake from their somnambulism when they realise how much they’ve been short-changed in the new equation that may never add up.
As if I knew. I had spoken with Tokunbo Modupe on the eve of this riotous defection, asking him to convey my message to the Governor not to defect. I was ready to concede to his support for anyone he likes but didn’t share in this overkill. Tokunbo’s deafening silence should have forewarned me that the deed was already done and I was merely wasting my saliva. It is such a calamity that one of my favourite politicians has somersaulted again like many tragic heroes before him.
I worry no more for Mimiko. I worry for his hapless followers who have seen him off to Golgotha. May they return in peace and not in pieces.

Army General Runs Into The Bush For Fear Of Boko Haram, Faces Arrest In Abuja

Whenever Boko Haram is coming, people run for their dear life. But when Army General who is leading a troop that should confront them, decide to scamper into the bush, then something is wrong.
There were indications that the Army High Command has ordered the arrest and detention of a Brigadier-General attached to the 3rd Division of the Nigerian Army over allegations of negligence that gave Boko Haram terrorists an opportunity to overrun some communities in Borno State recently.
The senior officer who hails from one of the states in the South, was the officer meant to coordinate military onslaught to dislodge several Boko Haram terrorists from Bama, Gwoza, Madagali, Michika and other communities in Borno and Adamawa states that later fell into the hands of the terrorists.
The General was accused of providing poor leadership and failed to instil confidence in soldiers, resulting in many soldiers abandoning the fight against the terrorists while several of them lost their lives.
According to the source, when the Boko Haram insurgents came in full force to attack Bama, the top brass of the unit and the General in-charge escaped into the bush.
The source disclosed that the insurgents entered the Brigade Headquarters and Armoury freely and carted away vehicles and Tanks…
 Army General Runs Into The Bush For Fear Of Boko Haram, Faces Arrest In Abuja
Vanguard was told that some of the commanders were rescued from the bush by a battalion deployed at the Konduga area, stationed about 15 kilometers behind Bama, the last deployment before Maiduguri.
The Military high command was said to be furious that the insurgents after taking over Bama and killing a lot of civilians, ransacked the armoury with no soldier offering resistance, leaving the insurgents to have a free day.
According to the source; after seizing the equipment at the 21 Brigade Bama, the terrorists used the same weapons to attack the infantry battalion at Konduga but met their waterloo where hundreds of the Boko Haram insurgents were killed.
The source added that the 21 Armoured Brigade which had several armoured tanks could not withstand the battle that was later decided by less than 400 infantry soldiers in Konduga.
It was further gathered that after running away from Bama, some top brass of the brigade and about 800 troops went straight to Maiduguri instead of joining the troops in Konduga to repel the attack.
To face court-martial
Vanguard gathered that a board of inquiry is investigating the conduct of the officers for acts of negligence among other offences.
Military sources said that Boko Haram terrorists were not really better armed in the terror war but rather leadership of troops on ground has been discovered as a problem that needed to be tackled.
Giving an instance, a source said: “Commanders of troops are supposed to lead soldiers from the frontline but what we discovered is that most of the commanders operate and give orders from the rear.
“If not that our soldiers are rugged and know that the Boko Haram terrorists could not match them professionally, what we are seeing today would have been the opposite.
Actually, when terrorists see soldiers coming, they run for their lives, but due to poor leadership, the back-up arrangements are not activated. When soldiers therefore run out of ammunition and the terrorists regroup, soldiers will have no other choice than to retreat”.
The source cited the successes recorded severally in the battles to take over Konduga as the perfect way the Nigeria Army operates, noting that even though there were four different attacks with heavy weaponry, the army was able to defeat them and recovered stolen weapons.

APC Leader Bola Tinubu Reveals What Nigeria Needs

National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, in his Eid-el-Kabir message from his media Office on Saturday in Lagos, called on Nigerians to pray to God to bring disciplined leaders that would help transform the country by making things work.
“Nigeria needs help. The problems we ought to have overcome now threaten to overcome us. Millions of our people endure the daily grind of poverty and deprivation,” he said.
Tinubu lamented that in the midst of plenty, the country remained empty, but expressed optimism that Nigeria would experience a new day.

Asari Dokubo Stones Boko Haram, Chibok Scam Fabricators & Lying Australian Negotiator

Asari2Asari Dokubo who is presently in Mecca for the annual Islamic Hajj pilgrimage has taken to his facebook to share photos of him stoning every devil in his life and country. He shared this message via his facebook page, read below;
Stoning every satan in my life…. In my well being … In my match leading to the total liberation and independence of my country from the shackles and satanic grasp of Nigeria….
Stoning and killing every satanic manipulation,plots,plans and incantations….
Stoning the satan before me and behind me….
Stoning the satan at my right hand side and left hand side….
Stoning the satan below my feet -creeping on the earth beneath it and stoning the satan flying in the atmosphere above my head.
Oh ALLAH every satan had been stoned…be they the hegemonic born to rule satans who strive to dispossess every body else of their freedom,liberty,possession and we’ll being….Every Boko Haram whether hidden or known….every fabricator of the CHIBOK SCAM….every lying Steve Davis.
Oh ALLAH let this Jamaarat be a blessing in the totality of my life.Ameen.

Friday 12 September 2014

Anambra State University! Now Named After Ojukwu

The Anambra House of Assembly on Thursday passed a bill, changing the name of the state-owned university at Uli to Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University.
1355 Anambra State University Gets New Name! Now Named After Ojukwu (See New Name)
The bill was passed during the plenary of the legislature in Awka to honour the former Biafra hero.
The decision followed the report of the House Committee on Education which recommended the change of the name.
Mrs Rita Maduagwu (APGA Nnewi South 2), the Chairman, House Committee on Education, recalled that the bill had been read the second time on the floor of the house on Dec. 17, 2013.
She said that the committee found that the university’s name had been changed before from Anambra State University of Science and Technology and that there were a number of provisions in the extant law that required review.
“After due consideration of facts and information, the committee recommends that the law establishing the university be repealed while a new law aimed at amending the principal law be passed,”
Maduagwu said.
Mr Valentine Ayika (PDP Njikoka1) said that the bill was due for passage since it was read second time in December 2013.
1355 Anambra State University Gets New Name! Now Named After Ojukwu (See New Name)
Mr Tony Muonagor (APC Idemili North) said that the aim was to immortalise the late Ojukwu and to encourage hard work among the people of the state and Nigeria at large.
Mr Ebele Obi (APC Idemili South) said that the passage was a welcome development.
Mr Obinna Emenakaya (APGA Anambra East) said that the application for the change of name was long over-due since it was meant to immortalise a man who fought and lived for the Igbo people.
The Speaker, Mrs Chinwe Nwaebili, said that the university would be a multi-campus institution located in Awka, Igbariam and Uli.
She said members of the committee on education did a good work and urged others to prove their worth on any assignment given at committee level or otherwise (NAN)

Thursday 4 September 2014

Genevieve Nnaji Shows Off Her Figure

The beautiful actress is gradually adding weight in right places as you can see in this pic. #betterthinz

My Boyfriend Dumped Me Because of Money

When a lady meets a man who is ready to calm down and marry her, she should be happy. Some guys are not that cool ahead and they take actions based on flimsy excuses. Read this girl's touching story:
My ex-boyfriend and I had a conversation recently about the reason he dumped me four years ago to marry another girl he'd started dating about two years after we started dating. My ex and I started dating in 2008, but by early 2010 he met another woman who he married nine months later. He broke up with me just four months before the wedding. 
I was so hurt and devastated that for three years I would not give another man a chance. I didn't have closure because I was tormented by why he chose another woman over me. Eventually we had the conversation yesterday after we met at a mutual friend's wedding on Saturday. What he told me was shocking. He said he loved me more but decided to marry the other lady because she earned more than I did. I was earning N85k at the time while the lady was earning N250k. He figured an extra N165k was enough reason to marry her. 
How is this even a reason to marry? Are some men this small minded? Is this a genuine reason or he just said it to throw me off? I wanted closure but this has made me more confused.
Dear ladies, love can be stressful and confusing, just stay positive.

Big Brother Africa house on Fire

A devastating fire incident on Tuesday ravaged the Big Brother Africa 2014 house. Consequently, the show that has many lovers and haters have been suspended until further notice. This year's show - Hotshots - was billed to launch on Sunday 7th September, but that is not happening again.

Below is a press release from M-Net:
"M-Net and Endemol SA advise that due to a devastating fire at the Big Brother house on 2 September 2014, Big Brother Hotshots will not launch this Sunday (7 September) as scheduled. The cause of the fire at this stage is unknown and investigations will commence as soon as it is safe to do so." 
Check out more photos from the scene of the BBA house fire below...

Y'all BBA fans, hold your breath for a while!

Saturday 30 August 2014

Full List of Winners - 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet

2014 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet - Full List of Winners
Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa
Kelly Rowland and Kylie Jenner
Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo
Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian
Iggy Azalea and Katy Perry
Adam Levine with wife and Jennifer Lopez
Chloe Moretz and Joan Smalls
Amber Rose and Kesha
Kardashian sisters and Sarah Hyland
Kelly Rowland Gwen Stephanie
Rita Ora and Julianne Hough
Michelle Williams and Miley Cyrus
Taylor Swift and top model Jourdan Dunn
Jenner sisters and Demi Lovato
Ariana Grande and Jessie J
Lavern Cox and Uzo Aduba
Chris Brown and Austin Mahone
Usher and Sam Smith
 Amber and Wiz and Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo


Video Of The Year
Miley Cyrus: Wrecking Ball
Best Hip-Hop Video
Drake ft. Majid Jordan: Hold On (We’re Going Home)
Best Male Video
Ed Sheeran ft. Pharrell Williams: Sing
Best Female Video
Katy Perry ft. Juicy J: Dark Horse
Best Pop Video
Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea: Problem
Best Rock Video
Lorde: Royals

Artist to Watch
Fifth Harmony: Miss Movin’ On
Best Collaboration
Beyoncé ft. Jay Z: Drunk In Love

MTV Clubland Award
Zedd ft. Hayley Williams: Stay the Night
Best Video With A Social Message
Beyoncé: Pretty Hurts
Best Cinematography
Beyoncé: Pretty Hurts
Best Editing
Eminem:  Rap God
Best Choreography
Sia: Chandelier
Best Direction
DJ Snake & Lil Jon: Turn Down For What
Best Art Direction
Arcade Fire: Reflektor
Best Visual Effects
OK Go:  The Writing’s On The Wall