Wednesday 30 January 2013

How I End Up With Such A Wrong Husband?

Marriages Has Their ups and downs Do you think this woman has the right to complain?
My marriage ended in 2008 after 9 years and four kids because my ex and I just couldn't make it work. The best part of it all was that we managed to remain friends after we parted ways. We see each other often because of our kids and over the years we've become quite close. 
If you see us together you would never guess we were divorced. I never thought exes could be friends but my relationship with mine has proven me wrong. But there's a problem now.
My ex husband met a lady 8 months ago and his attitude totally changed after then. He doesn't come to the house as often as he used to, doesn't see his kids as often as he used to, doesn't call me anymore..and when he eventually shows up at my house all he talks about is her.

He's moved her into his home, bought her a Mercedes and taken her on two romantic trips abroad, all in 8 months.

What am I complaining about, you may wonder?
Well I was with him for 13 years and gave him four children and he never ever for once took me on a romantic trip abroad. Not once in 13 years.

Just two nights ago, he told me that he's never loved anyone as much as he loves this woman and is planning to pop the question this valentine.

I was with him for 13 years, 4 years dating and 9 years married yet he said he's never loved anyone as much as he loves this woman he met [just] 8 months ago? Guys what do you think?

Don Jazzy Defends D'banj on Twitter

Remember D'banj called a fan a fool few days ago? Another fan tried to get on D'banj's nerves today, but before D'banj could read or reply the tweet, Don Jazzy already replied on his behalf.

Pastor Adeferasin & Family @ His 50th Birthday Dinner

Married Gospel Singer Caught in Bed With Girl Friend

A popular gospel musician was recently caught red-handed in the act with his girlfriend.

Consequently, the randy musician (name withheld) has dumped his wife of five years for the small girl. His wife said she found him with the girl in bed in their matrimonial home. According to the wife, the girl he was sleeping with is in her early 20s.
After being confronted, this gospel singer abandoned his wife and fled with his sexy girlfriend and, sources say, the two are currently hibernating in another area of town. The musician had a two-year-old daughter with his wife.

Below is what the wife said about the incident:
"I was coming from home when I found my husband in bed with another woman. I had heard rumours in the neighbourhood about this girl until I caught them red-handed. I don't know what I did to him that has led to this incident. I can't believe this."

Lynxxx and Oge Okoye cover Red Sheet Magazine

Yul Edochie & Chika Ike Cover House Of Maliq Magazine

Nollywood's finest Chika Ike and Yul Edochie are on the cover of House Of Maliq Magazine. They look beautiful. Yul looks like he grew bigger and Chika, check out her backside *wink*
More photos when you continue

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Dbanj calls fan a "FOOL" for saying he killed Mohits

The newest celeb to have lost his cool on twitter i s D'banj. I don't know why we like taunting our celebs, even when they put a smile on our faces with their good music.  So he (Dbanj) told his fans on twitter to expect a sneak peek of his new jam DKM (meaning D Kings men) coming out soon and this fan  tweeted at him and said DKM means (Dbanj Killed Mohits)

Disastrous Potos Of A Fashion Events

Fashion Disaster At Public Events
Does revealing so much make a woman sexy? Why do they do it? 
More photos when you continue

Fashion Disaster At Public Events Fashion Disaster At Public Events Fashion Disaster At Public Events
This is what popular Nigerian actor Hanks Anuku wore to the Night of 1015 laugh and music Fashion Disaster At Public Events
Fashion Disaster At Public Events


Mercy Aigbe Looks Stunning In New Photos

Just appreciate the lady, she's pretty

What ever happened to the discipline of men in uniform?

What ever happened to the discipline of men in uniform?

Don Jazzy clothing line coming soon

 From his Tweets today, there's a Mavin Clothing Line coming soon! Watch out!!!

Frank Ocean, Chris Brown fight at recording studio in LA

Openly gay R&B singer/songwriter Frank Ocean claimed on Twitter today that he was attacked by Chris Brown and a 'couple of guys' at a recording studio in LA last night.
Sources close to Chris told reporters that Frank Ocean started it by blocking Chris and his crew as they made to leave the studio. Another report claims they fought over parking space, while another claimed Ocean called Rihanna a 'Hoe' and that enraged Chris who attacked Ocean. Police was called to the scene of the fight but Chris and his crew had left before they arrived.

Peter Okoye shows off his LV sneakers

When you are big, you are big. It's not like some of us that save for ages to buy one pair of shoes. Like me, you, lol! He bought three pairs of Louis Vuitton at once, To get one will cost you about $1000. can you beat that? I guess not. Do the math yourself

EFCC Re-Arrests Big Thief Who Paid N750,000 To Escape

This mockery of Nigeria's justice system is far from being over:
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has re- arrested Mr. John Yusuf, a director of the Police Pension Office, who walked away from justice majestically on Monday. gathered from a credible source that Mr Yusuf actually under-declare his 'stolen' assets to the court which led to the lenient sentence he got and the ridiculous N750,000 option of fine.
Spokesperson for the EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, also confirmed that Mr Yusuf was re-arrested today because there were other pending cases against him.
It would be Mr Yusuf was set free by a Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja on Monday after paying N750,000 fine for conniving with others to defraud Pensioners of about N27.2bn.

The convicted thief, Mr Yusuf, would be charged to court again to face fresh charges

Brazilian Man Accuses Wife Of Poisoning Her Private Parts

Photo: A Brazilian man has accused his wife of trying to kill him by putting poison in her vagina and inviting him to have oral sex with her.

The man - identified only as a 43-year-old from Sao de Jose Rio Preto - realised something was afoot when he noticed a strange odour coming from his wife's private parts.

Concerned, he took her to hospital, whereupon she confessed to the nefarious plan.

Full story here -
The woman allegedly put poison in her vagina and invited her husband to have oral sex with her
A Brazilian man has accused his wife of trying to kill him by putting poison in her vagina and inviting him to have oral sex with her.The man a 43-year-old from Sao de Jose Rio Preto - realised something was afoot when he noticed a strange odour coming from his wife's private parts.

He took her to hospital, where she confessed to the nefarious plan. Tests revealed the woman had placed enough of the unnamed poison in her vagina to kill both her and her husband. She has since received medical treatment, although sources claim her husband plans to sue her for attempted murder.

The man was lucky he wasn't thirsty!

How a Big Thief is Walking Away from Justice

Just imagine a man who stole billions of naira (about N23.3 billion) leading to the death of very senior Nigerian citizens (aged pensioners), walking away from the law after paying a paltry N750,000.

See more photos of the thief below....

Monday 28 January 2013

She Is About to Leave Me Again

 I'm a 30 year old man. I have been in a relationship with a lady who happens to be my childhood friend for almost seven years now. It has been a long distance relationship because she relocated to UK  about 14 years ago. We started the relationship when she came home for a holiday.

When we just started, just like every other relationship, it was sweet and we were both in love. A year into the relationship, she complained about the distance and suggested we break up and that was after several unreturned calls and emails. I was just a 200L undergraduate then, it wasn't easy, I dealt with it and moved on. After the breakup, she still calls asking to be a friend and stylishly asking what was going on with me and I will gladly tell her because I still love her. After our break up I tried several relationships hoping they will help me forget her, but no, the feeling won't just go.

Two years after our break up, she got pregnant to a guy whom she later found out only wanted to use her get his papers. They lived together for few weeks. After she got pregnant, she sent the guy parking. She couldn't confide in her family because according to her, they pushed her into the marriage, so I was the only person she could turn to. I gave her my time and listened to her because I felt for her. There are times she'll tell me she's going to put the baby up for adoption after she'd put to bed, which I advised her against. The baby calls me daddy now because that's what his mama told him.

Two years ago, we got serious again and she apologised, I agreed to take her back because, I thought of the times and things we'd shared even when we weren't dating anymore, and I convinced myself that I still love her. I asked her why she broke up with me in the first place. She said, she thought I used something on her, because what she felt back then was too strong for someone who was not physically present. So I asked," don't you think that the same charm could still be the one working on you right now?" She said she doesn't care as long as I love her. She has met my mum, her mum knows me now and everything seems cool.   

Here is my worry, after all these dramas; this lady still feels she is doing me a favour by being with me. She'll sometimes ask me, why do I still love her after all she's done to me? She'll sometimes ask some silly questions such that not marrying her will be the only option I have to prove myself that I don't really need anything from her except her love. We'd agreed to get married this year, and our deal is she'll move back home if she can secure a good job back home before our marriage and if she couldn't I'll join her.

But the latest she's pulling right now is that she's trying to get another job outside where she has the right to stay legally which will affect my joining her if that is the option we are left with. I asked her if she doesn't think her plan will affect us, she bluntly replied, she doesn't care because she's tired of her current job.

Unlike me, she is always in my plans, I won't do anything that will affect us, right now I'm so mad at myself as to why I've been foolishly blind. On the surface, everything seems alright, but I know it’s only a matter of time before she get the job she wants which will in turn be the end of us the second time.

I don't want to wait for her to tell me goodbye the second time and at the same time, I'm scared of saying goodbye first for the fear of making a mistake of not getting my facts right. I'm so confused right now...pls what can I do?

My Younger Sister & I Both Cheated with Each Other's Partner

Hello admin pls I would b glad if u publish my story so I can know people's opinion on this.

 Am 28 years of age now in a family of 6 girls some years ago I had this married man I was dating for money to b honest I saw money then at least 4 my level. Along the line I introduced my kid sister to this man casually didn't even know how they exchanged numbers though but one thing led to one thing my sister pushed me out she revealed some secrets about me to him and when he confronted me he had proof that even when I was denying it I looked stupid it was his friend that now told me who was behind it which he even tried to settle us but we had grown apart. Stories getting to me then was my sister was seeing him n gallivanting round town with him, I hated her for this but I didn't want to make so much noise because it was a shame to me can't find myself fighting over a married man so I let it go with time things went sour between them n he started calling me but he never agreed that he dated my kid sister.

 Years later my kid sister is in love with a married man now that she would do anything for and she still has other side flings also even in the past we have had to settle fights btwn her and her friends claiming she went after their men within me I knew it was true because she has done it to me but I stil didn't bother I loved my sister well than my other sisters

 Now recently my kid sister met this nice young chap who is loaded but married also n even introduced me to him, seriously I didn't want to come between them all I wanted was to get him to suit my bills but my kid sister found out n all hell was let loose initially I felt bad not until I said to myself this man is married why fight over him but No way she feels I betrayed her then I ask myself isn't it d same girl that betrayed me years back has she forgotten so soon but that wasn't the reason I did it mine was just for the money but she stil has her married man boyfriend in one corner that she loves so much now she says I should go n marry karma wil catch up wit m.  pls Maurice what karma is she talkin of I still feel bad for lettin my greed take over me but what would I do now I need your advice.