Tuesday 7 October 2014

Most Nigerians Have Mouth and Body Odour- Uti Nwachukwu

TV host, actor and winner of BBA 2011; Uti Nwachukwu is tasking Nigerian to work on their personal hygiene most especially those with body and mouth odour. He made this known in a recent interview;
Yes, my fellow Nigerians. Quite a number of you smell. Be it body or mouth odour, but it has become a threat to social existence in our society, because some of you are so selfish and too wicked to bother about personal hygiene.
Uti is also giving tips on how to remedy the situation. He says,
With or without antiperspirants, shave your armpit hair.
Mouth odour is an epidemic. Is it our food or our weather? Are people using cheap toothpaste? What is it? If I meet 10 people in a day at least seven of them have some kind of funny breath.