Friday 16 August 2013

Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh, Splashes $5,000 On Customized iPad!

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Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has splashed a whopping sum of $5,000 on a customized Ipad. The ipad designed with 24 carat gold was made by Malivelihood Luxury company, was acquired by Poko queen few days back. She posted a prototype of the luxury gadget on her Instagram page with the caption, “by @malivelihood luxury design 24CT GOLD IPAD for Mii**Get urz today. No be small thing o! Another picture after the break

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TB Joshua Sends Out Message Of Encouragement

We searched and eventually found the real account of Prophet TB Joshua. See his message below: 

If you are following any other TB Joshua account apart from this one on twitter, please note that it's fake!

Hilarious Naked Breast-Feeding Yoga Mom

Iconic image: Naked breast-feeding yoga mom reveals how her daughter 'came to sneak a suckle' while in Hawaii clothing-optional commune 
Amy Woodruff who gained notoriety with the attachment parenting set after she was photographed practicing yoga naked while her daughter Naia breastfed, has revealed the story behind the iconic image. She said she was just doing her daily flow when the little sweet pea came to sneak a suckle. Papa had her out in the grass with him and she just couldn’t resist! she further explained. What a sharp little baby! I guess he's a guy!

Emelda cries out I'm not in any relationship with Benson Okonkwo

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Few days ago news went out that Nollywood actor Benson Okonkwo is engaged to longtime girlfriend, Emelda Emells. Well, Its was Benson himself that sent the message out about the engagement and sent the photos. Thing now is, the lady in question (photographed above with Benson) contacted me today crying (literally) and denied dating the actor. What she said below
"Please Linda, that story is false. I know Benson must have fed it to you but it's not true. I'm not in any relationship with Benson. He is just using me to cover up his real lifestyle. I have known him since 2005 and those photos on your blog were taken in 2011 at a salon and we were just playing around, even the kiss is not real. Benson has been using me to cover up for years and it has to stop. I have a serious boyfriend and it was his friends that drew his attention to your blog. Now I am having issues with my man. I am not engaged to Benson or planning to marry him. He has never even asked me to marry him. His father and my father were close friends and that was how we met. We were supposed to date back when we were introduced but he never touched me and when I started seeing men in his house I understood and we have been friends ever since. This story is so painful to me. I lost my father on August 4th and I am still mourning him so to be reading this type of story online is making my situation worse. Please help me tell the world I am not getting married to Benson.
Emelda Emells Anthony says she's a student of Electrical Engineering, Federal Polytechnic Owerri. #messagepassed. :-) Pics of Emelda below


Tonto Dikeh's Black Outfit To CoolFm Interview

Poko steps out with a new hairdo again. She's always granting interviews in the Coolfm, Wazobia building. She was at Wazobia a few weeks back. She's looking red HAWT,You like?

Boyfriend Catches Suicidal Girl Who Flung Herself From Apartment Block

Saving grace: The young woman is hanging from the balcony after her boyfriend catches her as she tried to jump to her death
A young woman’s life was saved after her boyfriend caught her as she tried to take her own life by jumping off a balcony. The 20-year-old from Harbin, China had climbed out on the couple’s balcony after a fight with her partner and had crawled out onto a washing line, threatening to jump. Her quick-thinking boyfriend ran to the downstairs neighbours who let him hang out of their window to try and plead her down. Check out the video after the cut
Witnesses on the ground and other neighbours in the apartment block in the Daoli district of Harbin, Heilongjiang province, tried to reason with the distraught woman, begging her to climb back inside.According to eyewitnesses, the thin clothing wire wobbled and the woman fell, Chinese news agency Xinhua reported. Fortunately, she was caught by her boyfriend, who held on to her until neighbours and firefighters arrived – despite her begging for him to let her go. Thanks to the neighbours holding on to the boyfriend, the young woman could be pulled to safety with the help of fire services.  

Kaffy, Dance Queen Shows Off Sexy Abs While Working Out

 See those abs....after one kid, Wow!

Peter Okoye, spending time with his kids

Peter shared the photos on his instagram page. P-Square is about on embark on a US/Canada tour so he's spending all the time he can with his kids before he leaves.

Jigawa deputy speaker dies in fatal car accident

The Deputy Speaker of the Jigawa State House of Assembly, Hon. Inuwa Sule Udi, (pictured in Agbada) died last night Thursday August 15th while returning to his home in Ringim from Kano. Sule Udi died with his driver in a car accident that occurred at Jogana Village along Kano- Hadejia road during heavy down pour. He was 52. He is survived by two wives and many children.

Chris Attoh leaves Tinsel

Sad news for Tinsel fans, Ghanaian heartthrob Chris Attoh has left the popular MNET drama series. Chris, who played the role of Kwame Mensah for many years, left the series recently to pursue 'other career interests'. His character will be written off in subsequent episodes.

Uche Jombo and Desmond Elliot way back ...and now!

The actress shared the old photo on her instagram page. They've been best friends for ages..

Saturday 3 August 2013

Beyonce and Jay Z called demons in D.C.

Two protesters set up shop outside The Mrs. Carter Show at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. warning  Mrs Obama and other concert goers that Beyonce and Jay Z were possessed by demons.

Founder of the Pray at the Pump movement, Rocky Twyman, tells
"We believe that this couple is virtually destroying our youth. If you go on the Internet, you’ll see stories about how they’re both part of the Illuminati and you can see Jay-Z’s use of the Satanic triangle symbol when he performs."
"Jay-Z even declared himself to be God by referring to himself as Jehovah, and we don’t think that this is the image that our young people need to be glorifying.”
Tyman hopes his movement will catch on with protests in every city on the rest of Beyonce's tour.

Chidi Mokeme In $ex and Child Scandal

It is common knowledge in the Nollywood circle that actor Chidi Mokeme was the one who helped Habiba Abubakar in her duel with Jim Iyke. He assisted her to effectively counter all damaging write ups and online postings geared towards blackmailing her from getting back the huge sympathy loan she gave Jim Iyke to boost his clothing business which became the source of all her problems.

You may recall that after taking her millions, Jim Iyke, in an attempt to default from paying the loan, launched a war of blackmail against the benevolent lady claiming that his refusal to sleep with her was the sole reason why she demanded for her money. Nobody believed him as the amount was huge and with legal documents to show that it was meant to be just a loan and nothing more.

What may be news to many who followed the saga to the end, is that Chidi Mokeme, who's married, couldn't resist the dazzling beauty of the delectable lady...
The grapevine had it that Mokeme and the Abuja Lady had since became entangled in hot romance as the duo had been spotted in and out of Five Star hotels and Executive Guest Houses in the capital city and other locations In Kaduna and Kano, the birth place Of Habiba Abubakar. 

Chidi Mokeme cashed into the assistance he rendered to her. His reputation for preying on vulnerable ladies is legendary. To jog your memories about this actor, Chidi Mokeme, a few years ago, was in a dirty fight with a woman he impregnated and dumped to bring up their son Daniel solo. The valiant lady pursued Chidi and finally forced him in the last four years to begin taking some responsibility for his son who was 15 years old June this year. 

She is not the first one he had dumped in the like manner but the only one who had the courage to tackle him. Those on the heels of Chidi's escapade insist that the gigolo boasts that he at any given time has no less than a dozen women he is preying on. His speciality is married women and old ladies like Ita Giwa whom he has milked continuously. He operates mainly in Abuja , Lagos and P/ Harcourt. 

Now back to the hottest news making the online round that Habiba now has a child for him and his family are very well aware of the new born baby, especially his mother who Habiba gave an ML Mercedes M/class during her birthday in March this year

After trying so hard to make Habiba remove the pregnancy to protect himself , the two have now resorted to twitter and email fights and it is taking a dramatic turn with Chidi desperately threatening to publish some Internet created and generated X-rated pictures, mails, and fabricated texts messages to disparage Habiba and embarrass her and her children, who are innocent in this case. 

This has resulted in a big fight. Habiba having fallen to this scammer is no pushover according to those who know her. This issue has caused her so much trouble already especially losing her marriage. Habiba is in deep shit with her husband apart from sending her away, he has also dispossessed her of her three kids. A close friend of hers commented that Habiba is now a bundle of pity, while Chidi is out there enjoying himself, probably doing same to another lady. 

She is billed to reverse the press interview she granted last year denying any relationship with Chidi Mokeme to save him from embarrassment and save his reputation. She is so bitter and feels stupid allowing him to cajole her into saving his skin in the interview

The concern of all right thinking human beings with conscience is not Chidi or Habiba because they are consenting adults, but the child. He should be properly introduced to his family. Threats to Habiba's life and reputation through damaging publications can do nothing to change the facts on ground. All their secrets are now in the public domain. 

Chidi Mokeme should sulk in his new found problem and be man enough to accept responsibility and stop further damages to the two families. Let this be the final lesson to both of them. 

Women are human beings and not mere objects of lust and greed. My heart go out to the innocent children he is rumoured to father.

Written By Austin Aniekie

Omawumi Fights Dirty In Public

It seems our dear singer/single mum, Omawumi wants to remain a ghetto girl and continue to act as such. The babe has made some good money in recent times and as such one would have expected that her way of reasoning and actions would improved, accordingly. But that is not the case.

Her recent dirty fight with a guy in Lagos leaves one speechless we gathered that the unfortunate incident took place at a public function recently. The guy, said to be a photo journalist, identified as Adekola Bamigbala, who was taking pictures of guests at the event, got to where Omawumi was. 

His attempt to take pictures of the female singer got him more than he bargained for, as Omawumi was said to have pounced on Adekola, grabbed his heavy camera and attacked him with it, leading to the guy loosing his balance. Many present were at a loss on why Omawumi had to attack an harmless photo journalist.

I hear the guy is carrying a swollen face and Omawumi has gone under, refusing to pick her calls or respond to text messages sent to her.

When asked if he had any quarrel with Omawumi before, Adekola said there was nothing of such.

Former Miss Africa contestant, Linah Keza stabbed to death in London

A Miss Africa 2010 contest has been found dead in London. The young model, Linah Keza, 29, was found stabbed to death with her three-year old-daughter ‘crying next to her in a pool of blood. A 38-year-old man has been arrested over her death.

So sad, may her soul rest in peace and her daughter and family be strong on these difficult sad time.

'It Was The Devil, I'm Sorry' - Evicted BBA Housemate Begs Boyfriend On Live TV For Flirting In The House

After dandling with Tanzania’s Nando during her stay in the Big Brother house, Ghana’s Selly has asked for her boyfriend’s forgiveness for all her misdeeds.

ModernGhana reports that while making a surprise guest appearance on The Late Nite Celebrity Show, Selly, as she is affectionately called pleaded for forgiveness from the hip-life artiste, a member of the duo, Praye, after her name was dragged in the mud for her supposedly sexual escapade with Tanzanian house mate, Nando.

‘I am very thankful for the opportunity given me. I want to thank my boyfriend, Praye Tietia and also use this opportunity to say I am very sorry (for all that happened),’ she said. ‘I am very sorry,’ she insisted.

The Ghanaian representative came under a lot of bashing from outside the house when she was caught on camera supposedly having sex with Tanzania housemate, Nando. Though she has denied that there was any sexual intercourse with her male counterpart, the Tanzanian has insisted otherwise saying he contracted an STD from Selly.

Nando in a conversation with fellow housemate, Bimp disclosed that Selly gave him chlamydia, a Sexually Transmitted Disease, after the incident.

When host, Laila Abubakari asked her about the possible winner of the show, she did not hesitate to mention Ghanaian housemate, Elikem, as her hopeful winner. Before making the proclamation, Elikem was up for possible eviction from the house the Sunday after Selly was confident he will stay in the house till the final day of the show.

Selly was evicted from the Big Brother The Chase house a week ago after getting less votes from Ghanaians. Running for a three month period, Big Brother Africa has got many glued to their television sets as they watch to vote for the best housemate who relates better and is able to play the human related game best until the last day.

How I sold my car to promote Kukere—Iyanya

How I sold  my car to promote Kukere—Iyanya

RnB act turned pop singer, Iyanya, was one of the best things to happen to the music industry in 2012. With the hit single, Kukere, that took over the Nigerian music space, the first-ever ‘Project Fame’ winner launched into the Nigeria Music scene.

Like a breath of fresh air, fans couldn’t get enough of the song. Perhaps to prove that he was not a flash in the pan, the pop star dropped yet a follow up single, Your Waist, which finally consolidated his position in the limelight.
In this interview with MERCY MICHAEL, Iyanya opens up on his struggles as an RnB artiste, secrets of his success, upcoming album, scandals and other things. Excerpt:

IT was awesome seeing you have evolved with the quality of performance you put up at the maiden edition of the LASAA Concert. What have you been doing secretly to up your game?
In the last two years, I would say that I have evolved definitely because I’ve watched a lot of my mentors closely. I used to watch them on TV, videos and stuff. But these days, I sit with them. I follow them to shows. I’m backstage and I’m watching them do their thing. And I always say to myself I can emulate these people. I can try to be better than them. So that way I’m learning very fast.
I’ve learnt from Tuface, Dbanj. I’ve learnt from everybody there. Wizkid, Davido, everybody, I just watch them and I learn. So in the last two years that’s what I’ve been doing. Trust me, I watch everybody that has made it. P-square, I sit down and say, how did they make it? What are they doing that’s making them go far? Dbanj is one of the best entertainers in the world, P-Square, they are the best performers, Tuface is like one of the deepest guys you will ever know. Wizkid is such a talented guy, melodies, hooks, just name it!
Would it be right to say Iyanya is so many personalities in one?
Yes, I’m not just Iyanya, I buy their albums, I listen to them. I buy Davido’s album I listen to it. I buy Wizkid’s album I listen to it. I wanna know why they are succeeding because they are like me. They are human beings. And if they are succeeding, I can. I wanna know why Dbanj goes on stage and the crowd goes wow! So I watch Dbanj perform. And I try to do better than him.
If you ask me, my number one performer that I love so much is Dbanj. Dbanj can go on stage and he won’t say a word and you will not leave your seat. You get what I’m saying. So I feel like if Dbanj can do it, then I can do it and even do it better.
When you were cooking Kukere and as at when you dropped it, did you have any inkling that it was going to be a hit?
Trust me, I never believed in that song. It took me 3 months to complete that song. I did not believe that song. I didn’t even like it. That was the first pop song I did, after doing RnB, so I was like men, this song is not going to work.
My manager, UB, pushed that song. He disturbed me and even lied to me that I should come over that we are about to do a show that they’ve already paid him. When I came they didn’t pay him anything. And he said my guy, I’ve been playing this song in my car, it’s a good song go ahead do it!
RnB experience. What was it like for you before the transition into pop songs?
The experience was quite trying because I was the one begging for shows. Do you know that it was so bad that I would beg for shows, I would say I want to perform for free and they won’t let me perform because they would be like, what do you want to sing? Is it not that RnB? They will be like peep, peep, see these crowd…I would peep and the crowd will be on a frenzy like ohhhhh.
I’ve performed in places and the crowds were just looking at me like what’s wrong with him? I will say make some noise! And they will be comot there. You will go for corporate shows that you expect that they will call the singer to entertain them but no they don’t want. They don’t want you. So it was really trying because I was not making money. The highest money I would get as an RnB artiste back then, the highest I would get in probably one month and it has to be in one fashion show, is like N150, 000 or N250, 000, that’s if the person likes you.
I couldn’t continue living like that. So all those rejections and all those things transformed me, It gave me the push. The reason why everybody rejects you at some point is because you have something bigger than what they all have. So you have to find that thing. What most of us probably don’t know is when we get rejected every time; there are two decisions you have to make. You work harder or you give up. I refused to give up when I was rejected. As a matter of fact, the people that rejected me, family, friends, colleagues they made me.
At a point you sold your car, CRV Jeep?
Oh yeah, I did. I sold my car because I had to do a tour to promote the same song when I saw that few people started appreciating it. I had to do a tour because I realised the song was big in most places, they didn’t know who did it. So I had to do a tour to say, ha! Na me sing this song oh! Make una no pay another person money o. On that tour, few artistes supported me. And when they supported me we didn’t have the best of times. I remember taking Vector, Pope the Hit Man, Chidinma, and others. We stayed out for six hours before we could get a room.
A friend had to come and keep his own car in the hotel and say, if they don’t pay for this hotel room, that’s my car. So it’s not been easy. Look, people should not think that I just came from nowhere and I’m making money. I’ve suffered. I have paid the dues.
Everything that I have today, God knows that I’ve worked for it. I and my manager, Bassey, have lived in one room. I’m not saying twenty years ago. I’m talking about a year and some months ago. It was not all rosy from the scratch. We paid the necessary dues. I sold my car. I was carless for one year. I was using cabs, normal yellow cabs without AC.
What lessons did you learn from that experience?
I won ‘Project Fame’ and I was supposed to be the biggest star but it just proved to me that your destiny is in your hands. You are who you say you are. You know what I’m saying. If I had won ‘Project Fame’ and I was still struggling, making Kukere a hit doesn’t mean that if I don’t work harder I won’t struggle again. So it just taught me that they higher you get, the more you achieve, you should work harder.
In 2012, you performed back-to-back, and in all, your performance stood out. What was your drive?
The fans, the team that I have, passion, God’s grace. It’s just beautiful when they just say, we have Iyanya in the building – you are backstage and the crowd goes wow! If you drove sixteen hours to that show you feel good and you want to go to the next show because you also want the other fans to also scream.
How do you intend to sustain the tempo of 2012?
The best I can do is just keep doing what I’m doing. Like I said somewhere, I said God will always bless us because we put Him first in everything we do. First cut is always the deepest. R-Kelly can never have I believe I can fly again, Tuface, African Queen will always be his biggest song.
Tongolo, will always be Dbanj’s biggest song. Busy body e, will always be P-square’s biggest song. Kukere will always be Iyanya’s biggest song, you know why? It was the introduction. But you see, all these guys I mentioned do extremely well today, why? Because, they refused to give up! Despite all the odds, they kept dropping. Consistency! So, l learnt from all of them.
If Tuface can be around for over 10 years, every other person can be. If P-square can keep dropping hits, you can keep dropping hits. If Sound Sultan can be around over ten years, you can. So it’s not about one song or two songs. If you work hard, if you are determined, you will get it.
What informed your decision to form ‘Made Men Music’?
I know I’ve not been around for a decade but I’ve been around well enough to understand the industry and how it runs. I’ve been around and I can boldly say that I’ve paid my dues. Ask anybody, show organisers, artistes, go and ask them they will tell you I’ve paid my dues. And I felt like it was high time for me to be a boss too. It was high time for me to sign my cheques.
It’s was high time for us to make our own money. It was high time for us to bear our losses instead of other people bearing our losses. Because it makes no sense, to suffer for five years, ten years, and somebody just comes from America and opens a label and signs you on Monday and you have an endorsement on Friday. The person takes their percentage. It’s not greed. It’s just you saying, let me take my life in my own hands. So when I make the money I make the money. When I lose I lose.
I sit back and say damn! I lost! So everything that we do today is this, from there to here (pointing at his team). We sit down just like that. We watch, should we set it out, no! Should we…Yes! This is us. This is MMMG. We don’t have to wait for someone to come back from America to tell us go! We don’t have to wait for somebody to say, he’s sleeping, when he wakes up! Nobody says, I’m sick right now, let me feel better. I think I will feel right about this. It’s us. We decide. We are young too. So we are vibrant.
People had this notion that you were a church boy. Would it be right to say you have derailed?
I love God and God loves me. The fact that I do these songs that does not make me evil. It still God engineering all these, so don’t get it twisted. So I’m still faithful to my God. I pray He answers. His answer is what you’re seeing. So that’s what it is.
What’s next after Your Waist?
I’ve just dropped a single. I’m dropping my album and from that album, I’m still dropping more videos.
What’s the title of the album?
He’s Desire, Iyanya. Iyanya means desire
Any New Year resolution?
I would just say move closer to God because this year I’m going to be bigger than anybody. All that 2012 is the intro. Believe what I’m telling you. So I just feel like it’s high time for me to get closer to God because I feel like it will get to a point where I would have absolutely everything like this. And you see, at that point, if you are not somebody who is close to God and if you are not somebody who fears God, you’ll probably think you are God.
After your recent scandal involving comedy merchant, Opa Williams, there were stories that you have become full of yourself…
Till today I still apologise to Opa Williams. It’s unfortunate this is in the media because we’ve already apologised to him and he accepted the apology and we returned the money he paid us. I personally apologise to everybody who had looked forward to my performance at that show. I realise that it’s not easy. When you work so hard, with your hard-earned money, and you want to see somebody and you don’t see the person, it’s painful, so I apologise to everybody.
Who is the woman that makes you tick right now?
Woman? No woman. Right now it’s just my career.

First Date: 5 Ways To Impress A Girl

Ways To Impress A Girl
Guess who’s back? Yea it’s your girl, Jummai and I’m back bring good tidings. No trouble this time, I promise. About a year ago I posted 5 don’ts for men on a first date, and I figured to my self, Why not tell guys what to do to impress a girl on a first date. So here I am.
I’ve been on numerous date in my life… More than I needed to actually, and I’ve come across all kinds of characters. Some clueless guys, some over aggressive guys, some boring guys, and definitely some excellent ones. So what makes a guy stick out to you after going on a lot of date? That’s what we’re here to discuss. Those things that those guys do that impress hot babes like us on a first date.
1. Be Prepared With A Plan
There aren’t too many things more impressive than a guy that is prepared for a date. It shows you took some time out to think about how the date will do. You don’t have to have a minute to minute plan (cos that’s weird) but a general plan of how the date will go. For example Dinner, Drinks, then a Lounge. Sounds like a decent enough plan. Just don’t show up and say, “So what do you want to do?
2. Be Clean
When I say clean, I really mean clean. That means take a shower, wear clean nice clothes (you don’t have to have the latest fashion), deodorant, brushed teeth, hair groomed etc. I’m talking be clean. You’d be surprised how being clean can get you up the ladder pretty quick. And if you’re picking her up in your car, make sure that’s clean too. No girl likes a guy that’s just looking anyhow.
3. Bring A Small Gift
You’re trying to impress her right? Bring a small gift. It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive. A small box of chocolate, flowers, a bottle of wine etc are examples of little things that you can bring. It will go a long way to scoring you some serious points. But make sure it’s nothing too expensive. I mean don’t bring an S4 galaxy in the name of a gift. You might come off as too strong or focusing on showing off. Something thoughtful and small does the trick. I’m sure before the date you would’ve found out something she would like.
4. Communicate Well
This is probably the most important part of the date after #2 of course. Be a good communicator. That means ask questions, listen to her talk, look into her eyes and don’t colonize the conversation. Don’t talk too much about your achievements (as Nigerian men tend to do) or talk about yourself the whole time. Get to know her. It should be a dialog not a monolog.
It also helps to be funny, but don’t try too hard.
5. Pay For The Date
Unless you’re dutch, please pay the bill. If she offers, please decline. It’s a trick. LOL. It’s not because you want to impress her with your money, or she cant pay for herself. It’s just because it’s the right thing to do. Just fall in line and do as told because believe me, if you don’t, the chances of you hearing back from her is slim to none. Even the big time extreme feminists will not like you for it.
Well that’s all folks. Hope I’ve helped one of two or ten people out there with these tips. Follow these steps and if she doesn’t call you back, then come and get your money back. 

New Music: Timaya – Ukwu (Produced By MasterKraft)

Timaya Ukwu
Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa state drops this highly infectious tune produced by MasterKraft, titled Ukwu. The song has all the makings of a hit single, and actually has been added to my playlist already and I’m sure the DJs & Radio OAPs are adding it too. Confam!
Timaya Ukwu!! Enjoy!

Beverly and Angelo Doing It On Live TV. In The BBA House,18 and above!

Beverly Osu and Angelo of BBA 'The Chase' finally made out last night! A few weeks ago, Angelo pleasured Beverly with his fingers and this led Beverly into indirectly proposing to Angelo. Eventually (as expected) it has led to the pair making out in the bath tub under the prying lenses of BBA (and the public). Another picture after the break ... Look out for the video. Lol