Monday 24 December 2012

Our Sex Life Is Too Poor; I'm Pregnant But I Want To Run Away

I need advice from women who have passed through my situation before and how they got out of it. I have cried in the past but I have stopped crying. I would have loved to tell you my names because you know me. But I do not want you to feel sorry for me.

Ladies have a million and one secret you don't know. I call them the world's secret. I am only two months old in my marriage. I married a man i do not love.
Please don't criticize me. All my young cousins are married. My mother kept pestering me, the society won't let me be. I got almost fed up with life even though I am a successful lady taking up few family responsibilities.

I regret every action i have made. If not that i am pregnant, i would have walked away damning all consequences. I can't stand his touches. Our sex life is WACK, SMELLS, IRRITATING. My life has become more miserable. We fight every day. I told him to let us live separately and pretend to people things are fine but he refused. God help me have this baby in peace. I need to LEAVE his apartment. The apartment we got together.

We had a huge argument recently, and O am planning to run to England during Christmas and might not return. I don't have a stay but i am determined to mess with my passport to get out of his sight and that of my family (my mom). Thank God my brothers are supporting me in this. Including the born again one among them.

The truth is I need help. I used my own hands to scatter my life due to family and societal pressure. If you have gone through this before, please tell me how you got out of this HELL.


  1. Go see your doctor

  2. Talk with your pastor for counseling there is nothing God can not do.

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