Wednesday 29 May 2013

David Beckham: Say thanks, buys Audi Q3s for his mum and mother-in-law

Sandra and Jackie with the Beckham kids
Jackie's car, left, and Sandra's Audi
Becks, 38, had the gleaming Audi Q3s sent last week to mother Sandra and wife Victoria’s mum Jackie Adams.They were a surprise gift to thank them for years of babysitting and travelling around the world supporting him and Posh, 39, as their careers went global. From babysitting and international travel with zero notice to being counsellors for Posh and Becks when they couldn’t talk to any one else  their closest family have done it all.

Awwww...God bless you Beck!

Many Sexual Problems Of Ladies And The Way Out

The media tends to present sex as easy, good and spontaneous, implying that we all should always be in the mood for it. If only sex were that simple!

The issues of intimacy are of interest and concern to both men and women...
Many knowledgeable doctors now recognise the interrelationship between sex, sexuality and level of health, vitality and function of their patients’ lives. Many doctors now realise that sexual satisfaction is an indicator of overall health and are now including the area of sexuality in patients’ medical histories.

Doctors now evaluate patients with a view to not only help them with their presenting complaints, but to also look for opportunities to enhance and improve their sex life at the same time. Many patients, both male and female, are, however, uncomfortable with giving the details of this very personal area of their life. They may often just answer ‘Fine,’ ‘OK’ and ‘No problem’ when confronted with the sexual part of the medical questionnaire, even when all is not well with their sex life.

The overall attitude of secrecy, shame and uncertainty about the role of sexuality in overall health can be well summarised by a recent letter received by a physician”

“I am 52 years of age and so is my husband. It is about our sex life. It just seems like it’s gone. Is that normal for our age or can we be low on certain vitamins? Is there something we can get to boost our sex drive? We always had a good sex life and now it is totally gone.”

Participating in sexual activities is a good indicator of overall vitality. Loss of interest in sex is a very negative sign for a person’s good health and longevity. Blockages in sexual energy will often manifest as deterioration in general health or mental state.

As reflected in the e-mail, there is a general myth that sexual energy wanes and disappears with age. The e-mailer and her husband are only 52 years old, yet she wonders whether a sex life that is “just gone” might be normal for that age.

Well, it’s not normal for that age, or any other age for that matter. Continuing to have good health involves continuing to have a sex drive. Many things can sabotage a normal and enjoyable sex life. If you and your partner are experiencing problems with sex, you are not alone. Recent studies reveal that nearly 40 to 90 per cent of women of all ages report having sexual problems.

Many women experience sexual difficulties at some point in their lives. During menopause, as many as half of all women, or even more, may experience sexual dysfunction. Sexual function is no exception. At age 60, for example, one’s sexual needs, patterns and performance may not be the same as they were when one was half that age.

What are female sexual problems?
There are a variety of sexual problems that women experience, either alone or with a partner. The term “sex” is not limited to just intercourse, and can also refer to a variety of intimate sexual activities such as fondling, self stimulation or masturbation and oral sex.

Sexual problems are generally defined as any problem that occurs in the course of sexual activity, including not being in the mood, trouble becoming aroused, which usually involves being too dry; difficulty having orgasms, pain during sex or pain related to sexual activity.

Most women experience these from time to time. It is when they are persistent that they become problematic for the woman and her partner. You should seek help promptly if you are experiencing physical pain.

Defining the problems
Sexual dysfunction is defined simply as a persistent or recurrent problem during one or more of the stages of having sex. It is not considered a sexual disorder unless you are distressed about it or if it negatively affects your relationship with your partner. Female Sexual Dysfunction occurs in women of all ages.

Doctors and sex therapists generally divide sexual dysfunction in women into four categories. These are:

Low sexual desire
In this case, you have poor libido, or lack sex drive. This is the most common type of sexual disorder among women and it accounts for 87.2 per cent of cases of FSD. It is the persistent or recurrent lack of sexual thoughts and/or receptivity to sexual activity, which causes personal distress. Low sexual desire may result from endocrine failure and may be associated with psychological or emotional disorders. Sexual aversion disorder is a subcategory of low sexual desire.

Sexual arousal disorder
In this situation, your desire for sex might be intact, but you’re unable to become aroused or maintain arousal during sexual activity. It is persistent or recurrent inability to reach or maintain sexual excitement, which causes personal distress. This disorder includes poor vaginal lubrication, decreased genital sensation and poor vaginal muscle relaxation. Arousal disorders are most commonly physiological and can often result from medications, pelvic disorders, as well as neural and peripheral vascular diseases and accounts for 74.7 per cent of FSD.

FSD with orgasmic disorder, which accounts for 83.3 per cent of cases of FSD, comes with persistent or recurrent difficulty in achieving orgasm after sufficient sexual arousal and ongoing stimulation. This causes personal distress and trauma to nerves. Pelvic surgery and spinal cord injury can be associated with orgasmic failure.

There is sexual pain disorder in which the vagina is painful after being sexually stimulated or touched. Subcategories include painful intercourse and vagina spasm. This may be caused by injuries during operations and physical or psychological trauma involving the pelvis. This accounts for 71.7 per cent of FSD.
By Oladapo Ashiru

M.I. Abaga Acquires New Bentley

The rapper acquired the Bentley about a week ago. Congrats to him! More photos when you continue

mi jude abaga bentley

Reasons Why Lovers Must Have Sex Before Marriage

A lot of teens these days are taking something called the “purity pledge,” wherein they vow not to have sex until they get married. Hey, I’m all for people putting off sex until they’re adults and can handle the ramifications. Because even with safe sex, sex comes with responsibilities. 

It does tend to emotionally bond you to someone, and that can mean getting emotionally attached to the wrong person. Once sex enters the equation, a relationship is never the same. But one woman recently wrote about her “purity pledge” that went wrong...

It led to an incredibly short starter marriage. Once she realized that she and her new husband had absolutely zero sexual chemistry, she counted down the days until she could get a divorce, which happened six months into their marriage. Here are five reasons to get rid of that purity pledge and do the dirty before you say “I do.”

Sexual chemistry.
Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, who kept her “purity” until her wedding night, writes in Salon:
"Our bodies wanted different things from one another, so what we ended up with was a horizontal battle. I would hear married girlfriends talk about the joys of make-up sex and continue to sip my coffee in silence. We would fight, and then have bad sex and then fight some more. Every flaw in our marriage and in him seemed much more miserable when combined with the possibility of faking orgasms until death did we part. There was no relief. Six months into our marriage, the idea of separating seemed more appealing than feigning headaches for the rest of my life."
As Jessica found out, sexual chemistry is something that can really only be ascertained by, well, having sex. Jessica would make out for hours with her husband before their marriage, so she thought that would translate into awesome horizontal mambo. But it didn’t.

Sexual identity.
I know too many couples where one partner was able to cover up his or her true sexual persuasion because he or she simply didn’t have sex with anyone. Not having sex with the opposite sex can also mean you ignore those longings you might have for the same sex, and therefore don’t acknowledge them.

Sex itself.
Not everyone is great in bed, and most people don’t start out very good at all. A lot of good sex is about listening to your partner and being able to respond accordingly. But how do you know if someone is a good listener or responder unless you try it first?

Don’t you want to know if your husband is packing a hunting rifle or a tiny little plastic kid’s pistol? After all, he knows how big your boobs are. I’m not saying size would be a dealbreaker, but don’t you have the right to know what’s down there?

Sexual issues.
Sexual problems like premature ejaculation, inability to get an erection, or even an allergy to your partner’s semen are all possibilities, wouldn’t you rather deal with those issues before you’re married? This way you know if your future is even going to address them.

Let’s face it, sex plays a big role in marriage. Just like you should discuss children, religion, and where you both want to live before tying the knot, sex is too big a part of a relationship to leave to chance.

NOTE: this is not according to the post but from the Huffington Post.
So with these revelations, do you agree it’s a good idea to have sex before marriage?

Actress Onyinye, Says Her Body Is Hot & She Wants You To See

What people wear at beaches to take a swim is what this lady, Onyinye Dominica, used for her own fashion parade and she wants you all to see what she's got. Sexy or trashy? See more photos below...


Nigeria's Contestants In Big Brother Africa

Another edition of the Big Brother Africa reality show is here again. Its The Chase. What are they going to be chasing? You'll watch to find out. These are Nigeria's representatives. See their details below:

Melvin Oduah (Male)
Melvin is a model and actor from Delta State with a BSc in Chemistry. Melvin enjoys listening to Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and R Kelly.

His favourite place in Nigeria is Lagos and he says the best things about the continent as a whole are the culture and people. Outside of Nigeria, he enjoys spending time in South Africa and the USA because “these are places where you can relax and relate to people conveniently”.

His friends and family inspired him to enter Big Brother. He has always been a fan of the show and has previously come out tops in two other reality shows. He is hoping to use all his experience and charm to go all the way on Big Brother. If he wins the grand prize, he’ll invest it, but he’s also hoping to make his country proud and use this experience as a platform to achieve other things in his career.

Beverly Osu (Female)
Beverly is a model from Lagos. She describes herself as “smart, sexy, humble, loyal and crazy”. One of her favourite qualities is her sense of humour. In other people, she values “consistency, cleanliness, truth and humility” and dislikes unkept promises, lies and pretence.

Beverley says that viewers can expect “a total packaged African young diva to command the right qualities and characteristics of a blunt, sexy go-getter”. She doesn’t really have any role models, choosing rather to take unique attributes from different people. Asked who has influenced her life most, Beverley says “who I want to influence me all depends on the situation at hand”.

Her favourite musicians include John Legend, Kelly Rowland, Phenom and Rihanna

Wednesday 15 May 2013

QPR star Loic Remy arrested on suspicion of rape

Loic Remy
Queens Park Rangers striker Loic Remy has been arrested on suspicion of rape.
The 26-year-old French international is being held by Scotland Yard’s sex crime squad together with two other men.

A 34-year-old woman alleges that three men raped her on May 6 in west London.
A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “Officers from Sapphire are investigating an allegation of rape which happened on 6 May in the west London area.
“The allegation was passed on to the Metropolitan Police Service by Kent Police on 8 May after the 34-year-old female victim reported it to them on the previous day, 7 May.
“The victim alleges she was raped by three men.
“On the morning of Wednesday, 15 May three men, aged 26, 23 and 22, were arrested at an address in Fulham on suspicion of rape - they remain in custody at a west London police station.”
Remy joined QPR in January for £8 million but was unable to help the team avoid relegation from the Premier League.

Do not try this at home

Is he stark staring mad? A holy daredevil touches his eyeball with a razor-sharp sword to prove his devotion to a saint.
The follower of Sufism, a strand of Islamic mysticism, was taking part in a ritual in Ahmedabad, India, that saw others peel back their eyelids with blades.
They should remember that seeing is believing — or they could end up with blind faith . .

Source: Thesun

Pregnant Woman Stabbed to Death By Her Mother-In-Law

A wicked mother-in-law, Mrs Kareen Opara, has gone underground after allegedly stabbing her son’s wife, Esther Oluchi, to death in Anguwa Baba area of Nasarawa State. But the police have launched a hot chase to fish her out.

The women, who lives in the same neighbourhood with his son, Chinedu and the deceased wife, hailed from Imo State. She was alleged to have been at loggerheads for sometime over a picture taken by the deceased at the wedding of her (Kareen’s) daughter, last December.

Trouble was said to have broken out between the late Oluchi and her mother-in-law when it was reported to her that Kareen (her mother-in-law) was caught at a herbalist’s home with one of her photographs.

In a bid to retrieve the picture, Oluchi approached Kareen and pleaded with her to return the said picture to her but she ignored all pleas and rather took offence for the effrontery of her daughter-in-law.

Angered by what she saw as “confrontation” by her son’s wife, Mrs Kareen confronted her son Chinedu and warned him to call his wife to order or risk being punished with her.

Unknown to the son that the mother had not forgiven his wife for daring to ask her to return her picture, Chinedu tried to mediate in the spat to appease his mother and the wife.

Family sources said a peace meeting summoned by Chinedu to reconcile his mother with the late wife ended in violence, as the mother, who was armed with a sharp machete, went for her daughter-in-law, who was carrying one of her two daughters on her back and stabbed her in the tummy. The machete pierced through her abdomen and she bled to death.
Sadly, the stabbed woman was even five-month pregnant.... Tragic!

Public Fight Between Actresses Anita Joseph and Oyinye

Actress Anita Joseph has stirred the hornets nest with her latest love interest...22yr old Anambra State born Odinaka Onigwe who is her friends boyfriend. Odinaka was the boyfriend of up-and-coming Actress, Oyinye Obodoechina and things were fine between them even though Oyinye was thrown out of a set for flaunting her relationship with the young boy.
According to eye witness reports the producer of the movie where this fight occurred is Jospeh Okafor and he also had a bitter fight on set with Anita and Odinaka...
''It started in Awka eight weeks ago when Oyinye that Anita had taken over her relationship with Odinaka
Joseph Okafor was introduced to Odinaka to start acting and earn a living and Oyinye and Odinaka met on one of Joseph's set and though Joseph frowned at their dating, it didn't stop them and they turned a blind eye to his warnings and Joseph threw both of them out of his movie because he doesn't condone such.

Joseph began complaining to Anita on another set concerning Odinaka and Oyinye, Anita set her eyes on Odinaka, fell in love with him and the rest is history... Odinaka and Anita started dating behind Oyinye's back but the cat was innocently let out of the bag one night......

Joseph Okafor saw the lady he paired Anita with in a room around 11pm outside and asked her what she was doing outside so late, the angry waka pass Actress told Joseph that Anita was "busy" with a guy in the room so she had to excuse them..

The producer rushed up to the room but Anita was already at the front door planning a decoy so that Odinaka could sneak out but the producer knocked on the back door and Odinaka who was in boxer shorts opened it and as soon as he saw Joseph he ran into the toilet and locked the door.

Anita came in and saw Joesph and a big fight ensued, Joseph exploded wanting to know why she would bring a man into the room he paid for her and another Actress, he was pained that it was the same boy he was complaining to Anita about that she had turned around and started sleeping with.

Anita called some Actors on set to intervene but the producer refused stating it was unprofessional. Odinaka sensing trouble from inside the locked toilet quickly called his cousin and they called the cult boys.

Joseph heard Odinaka placing the call and also quickly called his Mopol friends and they came to the hotel
The cult guys and the Mopol had a bloody fight and even the hotel receptionist was badly beaten and had to be rushed to the hospital...The fight ended very bloody.

The producer later called Oyinye and told her that Anita had taken over her boyfriend and that he caught the boy in Anita's room.

Oyinye now set out to try and wrestle Anita. She and her friends ambushed Anita at New Haven area in Enugu and their was another fight.

Oyinye's friends have been sending stinker messages to Anita on Blackberry and all her social network handle but Anita appears too deep in love to care or give a hoot.

Last two weeks Anita celebrated Odinaka's birthday in Enugu at Davis suite in New Haven. The party was big and had all of his friends there, however Odinaka was so badly stoned he had to be rushed to the Hospital because he lost control of himself.

Lovergirl Anita goes every where with Odinaka; in the East when she is shooting movies, she lodges him in a hotel near where she shoots, in Lagos when he visits, she lodges him in a hotel near her house.

I called Oyinye to find out if indeed anything of such happened between her and Anita. I asked her why she is married and running after a small boy and her response is:

"'Yes Anita snatched my boyfriend but i dash am,I no want again,she can have him.I was married but I am a widow with three kids. I didn't fight with Anita though because its not necessary to do so. I am done with him though, she can have my left over."

I asked her why such a young boy and her response is: ''He is 22yrs old, I agree he is young but we started dating when I tried to assist him because he needed help, one thing led to another and we began dating. He smokes weed and has a bad attitude and i was trying to set him on the right path but he felt I was too controlling and probably Anita is his kind of woman. Relationship is not about age, Odinaka is 22yrs but he does things older than his age, age is just a number.

"As for Anita, we are not in the same class so why should I drag a man with her, she's below me. I have three kids and I am more beautiful than her; I have everything she doesn't have so why should I waste my precious time fighting her? For what? The boy is greedy and I wont fight because of a greedy boy who doesn't know what he wants, he's with Anita now but hes been trying to get back with me, he's a gold digger so Anita can have him since she wants him so badly. I am done with them both."

I contacted Anita to get her side of the story and she told me plainly, "'I don't know what you are talking about, I didn't snatch anybody's boyfriend. I don't have anything to do with him, he is just my friend."

I contacted producer Joseph Okafor and he confirmed the story saying, ''Yes it happened and I don't want something like this happening on my set again because it brings bad luck."
Source: Stella Dimokokorkus

Nigeria Private jets are used to smuggle cash, fugitives – Federal government

The Federal Government believe that private jets in Nigeria are being used not only to smuggle money out of the country, but also to smuggle wanted criminals out of the country. 
The Federal Government on Sunday said illegal consignments and cash in local and foreign currencies were being smuggled on daily basis in and out of the country aboard private jets.
It also said some persons that securities agencies had declared wanted were being airlifted out of the country aboard private and chartered jets.As a result, it insisted that pilots flying such jets must declare the passenger manifest before being allowed to take off.

An aircraft manifest contains the names of all persons aboard the plane, among other things.
The Coordinating Information and Communications Manager for aviation parastatals, Mr. Yakubu Dati, told reporters in Lagos on Sunday that the order for the declaration of passenger manifest was necessary to check the abuse of the use of private and chartered jets.

He said for security reasons, especially the need to arrest those who had constituted security threats to the country, the government would not renege on its decision for pilots of private jets to file their manifests before being given Air Traffic Control clearance.
Dati said security operatives had disclosed that many wanted persons were being smuggled out of the country with private jets.

He also stated that some wanted persons were being sneaked into the country without appropriate checks as many private jets take off from private facilities at airports.
Dati spoke on the heels of the criticism that have trailed the introduction of some new policy measures for the private jet sub-sector in the country.

The government had through the National Civil Aviation Policy, 2013 unveiled two weeks ago directed pilots of private jets to file their manifests before obtaining ATC clearance.
It also said foreign registered private jets could only spend 15 days in the country, just as the policy also barred private jet owners from carrying friends and business associates.

Aviation stakeholders as well as the Action Congress of Nigeria had, however, severely criticised the policy, saying most of its provisions were not obtainable in any other part of the world. 
An aviation expert and former Military Commandant, Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, Group Captain John Ojikutu, said the demand for passengers’ manifest on private aircraft could only be done by the State Security Services.

“The need for passengers’ manifest on private aircraft, if required, can only be the responsibility of the State Security Services, and in the case of private aircraft on international flight, the Nigerian Immigration Service,” Ojikutu said
But Dati insisted that what the government wanted to do was to monitor the operations of unscheduled flights as well as their manifests due to the current security situation in the country.

According to him, charter services by private jets have become a lucrative business in the country and 80 per cent of the private jets have private licences, but carry out commercial operations. This, he said, constituted safety challenges because aircraft with private licences were not being subjected to compulsory maintenance checks as those with commercial licences were made to do by the regulatory body, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority.

He also regretted that about 80 per cent of the 150 private jets operating in the country were registered overseas; a situation he said exempted them from paying taxes and five per cent charges to the NCAA. 
Dati said, “So, when you collate what government agencies lose by the illegal operations of these aircraft, it amounts to over N25bn in a year. And I can authoritatively tell you that it is now a lucrative business that businessmen bring in aircraft to operate as private jets, while they are actually used for commercial purposes.

“So, it makes nonsense of those charter operators who follow the laid down processes and whose business has now been taken away by the illegal private operators.”


Mercy Aigbe and mother inlaw

mercy aigbe mum in law

Girl Stabs To Death Boy Trying To Rape Her

MAY 5, 2013 was Onyinyechi Orakwuelum’s 18th birthday.The day she became an adult and the day she allegedly stabbed to death 19-years-old Akinwale Ayobami, who she said wanted to rape her. Onyinye, who is currently being held at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Iyaganku, Ibadan, pending investigation, narrated her story to Tribune and she said:

I am from Nkwele Ogidi in Anambra. I finished from Saint Gabriel Commercial Secondary School, Mokola, Ibadan, in 2011. The deceased (Ayobami) was my mate in secondary school, as well as my friend Funmbi.

My parents moved to our personal house at Ologuneru community in Ibadan, so I lost contact with my friends. One day, my mother came home and told me that she saw my friend, Funmbi, and that they had also moved to Ologuneru. I was happy and we reunited.

She later gained admission into a university. In April this year, she came to me and asked if I remembered Ayobami, who was popularly called Ewizzy. She said they chatted on facebook and that he told her that he was also living at Ologuneru, and had asked her to meet him at a junction so that she could know his place.
I told her that I could not recollect the name so she went alone.

The next time she wanted to go there, she asked me to follow her. I initially refused, but she persuaded me. We got there and saw him. His girlfriend was also there, lying on a couch. We relived our secondary school days and he later requested for my number since we were living in the same area. I gave him.

We left and not too long after, he called me, saying that he had been calling Funmbi’s number but it was switched off. He said he wanted to know if I had got home. Funmbi was beside me then so she also answered because her phone battery had gone flat by then.
Since then, I did not hear from him, though there was a day I missed his call, but I could not call him back as I had no credit on my phone.
On my birthday on May 5, I went to help a lady in our neighbourhood after coming back from church. When I checked my phone later, I saw Ayobami’s call among others that I had missed.
I called him back and while chatting, I told him that day was my birthday. He congratulated me and said it was worth celebrating. I told him I was only marking it.

He asked where I was and I said Ologuneru, he then asked me to join him at Ologuneru junction. I went there at about 7p.m. and I saw him come out of a beer parlour. I didn’t know that he was already drunk.
On getting to his apartment, he took me through the back door. When I asked why, he said the lock on the front door was bad so he locked it with a padlock.
I told him I preferred to sit outside because it was pitch dark inside. He opened the front door and I went in. We put on torchlights.
I made a call to a friend while he was busy on his laptop. Later, he made a call to his mother.
We started discussing about school days again and he then went to the kitchen and offered me water. I told him I was o.k. and he went into the kitchen again.

It was at that point that Onyinyechi said the story changed. She narrated further:

“He came back and locked the front door with a padlock. I asked him why he did that but he just sat beside me and said he wanted to date me. I even thought he was joking, and I replied that ‘is that what we came here to do?’ but he told me he was very serious.
As he moved closer, I perceived a strong smell of alcohol, then I knew he was drunk.
“I asked again: ‘AY, are you drunk?’ he replied that he was not drunk, saying he meant what he said. I told him I could not date him and he replied that if I could not date him, then he must have sex with me before I leave.
I told him to open the door for me to leave but he said I was not going anywhere. I started pleading but he did not yield.
“The next thing he did was to pull off his trousers and I knew I was in trouble because I could see he was aroused. He told me I could see that he was in mood for sex and that he must have his way.

I opened the sliding window screaming ‘somebody, please help me!, Somebody, please, save me!’. He came there, slapped me, drew me back and locked the window.
I started running round the sitting room and he was pursuing me.
“He went to the kitchen and brought a knife, warning me not to waste his time.
He threatened to do something nasty to me if I did not yield to him after counting from one to 10.

He had said before that he loved his mother so I begged him in the name of his mother, he did not yield ground.
I begged him in the name of God but he said he left God a long time ago and that he was serving Ogun. He showed me the picture of a bird hanged on the wall and said that was the symbol of his god.
I also told him I was having my menses but he said I should allow him to do what he wanted to do, saying that if his friends should meet me in the house, they would take their turns with me.
He lit a cigarette and started smoking. He started his countdown but I knelt and was pleading. As he got to eight, I screamed the more but he rushed at me and started struggling with me to remove the bum shorts I was wearing underneath my long dress.

In the process, he dropped the knife, and at that moment of intense fear, I picked the knife and waved it at him in the darkness. The next thing I heard was Yee! O ti gun mi (Oh! You have stabbed me).

I stood up, shivering. I searched for my phone because the entire place was in topsy-turvy.

Throughout the struggling, no one responded among his neighbours, though he had earlier said that no one would respond to me as they regard the occupants of his flat as ‘Dons’ who are dreaded.
“I reported at home and we went to the police station to report. By the time we got back to the house, he was dead. It was in the morning that it was seen clearly that the knife pierced his heart.”

Sunday Tribune gathered that the deceased’s mother had been so distraught about his death that she had been calling for justice to be done to her son’s killer.
She was said to be separated from the boy’s father and had remarried and given birth to other children while Ayobami was the only child she had for the father.

Police investigations also revealed that the man Ayobami was living with in the flat was not related to him.

Reacting to the story, the Assistant Commissioner of police in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department, Iyaganku, ACP Dasuki Galadanchi said the matter was still being investigated.

There is no witness yet to support the suspect's story. On the side too, dead bodies cannot talk. There was no witness on the side to corroborate whether there was an attempted rape or not.
In line with the police strategy of the Inspector General of police which encourages openness, transparency and accountability, we will go deeper into investigations and get to the root of the matter. If she’s found culpable, she’ll be charged to court accordingly. We are for justice.

Rituals:Mum Missing Corps Found In Sons Wardrobe

The police in Imo State have arrested one ChimezieOsuigwe, a retired vice-principal, for the alleged murder of his 78-year-old mother in 2003.
Osuigwe was arrested after the embalmed body of the septuagenarian was discovered in a cupboard at his house by a family member.
“The corpse of Mrs Lucy Osuigwe, who was declared missing in 2003 was found in a large cupboard inside a shrine in a private room in a circumstance depicting ritual practice.
“The embalmed body, which was kept in that condition for about 10 years is believed to have been placed in the wardrobe by her son, Dr ChimezieOsuigwe, a devotee of the Guru Maharaji Sect.

The heart of man is desperately wicked! Even one's own mother is not safe with her children!

"My 4-Months Old Daughter Has Hips" - Mercy Johnson

This is what the actress said in a recent interview. Read it below:

What is your definition of a sexy woman?
Sexy is inbuilt. It’s just how you feel about yourself. For me, sexy is confidence. It mustn’t be about the Malaysian hair or the Gucci bag or the big bum. It’s about you liking yourself just the way you are.

But most people would call you sexy because of your figure…For me, it just runs in my family. I don’t work out or do anything. I’m just trying now to work out and swim to lose weight and get back to work so Odi doesn’t get to call me Orobo again. When I bath Purity in the morning and I see the curve of her hips, I say “Oh my God, Odi. Purity has hips” then he says, “She is just 4 months old, shut up”.

Fashion: This is What Ghanaian musician Raquel wore on stage

No doubt, the singer has a lovely body but does she need to go nude to sell her brand? Yay or nay?

Yvonne Nelson shows off her pretty mum

Cute Mum & Daughter.....

Michael Jackson's Look alike

             Look alike                                                   Michael Jackson

Wizkid Acquires a new 2013 Porsche Panamera S

Congrat to Boy wizzy...

Dr Sid shows his new home

 See the customized Congrats!

Saturday 11 May 2013

Actress Omono Oboli's Husband React When Men Admire His Sexy Wife

It could be said that popular Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli, has the sexiest eyes in the movie industry. She turns heads whenever she steps out on the red carpet. Most men feel insecure when their wife who is so beautiful go out to shows all alone, where there are men who operate like Sharks. *winks!*
So what the experience like with Omoni Oboli's husband?
The actress told Saturday Beats that, “My husband feels good when I step out for a red carpet event and other men admire me. Everyone likes to show off something that they like and something they think is beautiful. I think it is a good feeling for him.”

One On One Interview with D'banj

Multiple award winning Nigerian super star, Dapo Oyebanjo populalrly known as D’Banj is no doubt one of Nigeria’s most resourceful entertainers. His break up with his partner, Don Jazzy generated a lot of controversy both within and outside the music idustry. Many music buffs even took a bet on him that he won’t last more than six months before he goes under. At one point, he became the most underrated music act. He rose above it all and came up tops.

Today, D’Banj seems to be very happy with the path he chose and declares he has no regret. His earnings have increased and he’s gained more international recognition. His road manager revealed that D’Banj now commands N8,000,000.00 and $100,000.00 outside Nigeria.
In his characteristic funny and lively attitude, he sat down with Seun Apara and speaks about his past and future.

First of all, how much are you worth now?
(Laughs). God has blessed me o. Ah, make I no lie (I won’t lie), Oluwa (God) is involved. I can’t start counting my blessings but I thank God.

The latest project from your stable now is the DKM album and it drops in two weeks. Give us an exclusive insight into it?
The ‘DKM’ Album, D Kings Men is a compilation of songs from the artistes on DB Records and is not a D’ Banj’s Album. It has a compilation of songs and sounds done by DB records artistes comprising myself, Kay Switch and J.Sol. DKM album has already dropped on pre-sales online.

This is the first time I will be doing pre-sales of any album and I was surprised that in less than three days, the response was massive. I was in Atlanta and I flew back home immediately. I am actually excited about it and not just for me alone.

I’m excited that if by God’s grace this works out, finally, it will curb piracy and provide another means of distribution other than Alaba Market.

Are you trying to set up a distribution channel?
Definitely and is not for the benefit of DB Records artiste alone, is for the benefit of all Nigerian acts. The big thing about this is that the distribution of DKM album is not going to be online alone.

We have been looking for a way whereby our fans and the masses can get hold of our product other than on the street because I have heard complaints in the past that they don’t get the original copies of our albums.

So now, it has been structured in a way that it will be delivered directly to your house, once you pre-buy the album.

Then, it will be available in all GT Bank offices nationwide. I can tell you categorically that Fally Ipupa is on this album, Kanye West is on the album and Olamide is also on the album. Another shocker is that Durella is on the album (laughs)

Yes, I know a lot of people will be surprised. Wait till you hear the song.

We heard you are also planning an album cum birthday concert?
We are definitely working on the DKM concert and will feature our friends that featured on the album. Other colleagues of mine will also be coming for the DKM concert scheduled for June 2013.

It is such a big thing because my birthday is June 9th and we will be celebrating for the whole month of June. The Lord has blessed me and I need to celebrate. We have made such a big plan that when the album drops, I will go on tour throughout the month of June.

Any of my fans in any country listed on the tour that already have the album will have access to the tour. The Koko community card inside the album gives them the chance to meet me and groove with me. The grand finale is on June 24th at the Expo Hall of Eko Hotel in Lagos where we will be staging the DKM Concert and my birthday bash together. I am bringing 2Chainz from America to perform at the concert.

I’m aware that you have other businesses, how do you manage all of them?
We have a management company called DKM that handles lot of brands and endorsements. So everything is more organized now with the launch of DKM Media last year. We started with the Koko Concert and that is the first time we did a concert and we wanted to do something different.Let me quickly use this opportunity to apologise to all my wonderful fans that trekked that long distance to the Koko Concert last year.

I promise them we are not trekking again this year because we have a solid arrangement.
I listened to one of the songs on the DKM album titled Nonsense but I realized the song seems to have a violence theme.

How will you explain that?
When I do my music, I do it like a day to day thing. You have heard Suddenly and Mogbona Felifeli. So this new song you are referring to won’t be an exception. When I say ‘egba ojue’ (slap him), it means enough of negative talks around you.
However, how do you end negative talks around you, it’s simply by stopping the negative things. For example, if you have an Ipad that is messing up, the best way to ‘gba ojue’ (slap it) is by repairing it.

With four nominations at World Music Awards including ‘Best Song of The Year and Best World Artiste’, what is more paramount to you at this point of your career?
What is more paramount to me is the same drive from the beginning. Oliver Twist did number 9 in the U.K top chart, number 2 in U.K R &B and number one in Romania. I will be 10 years on stage next year, though am already more than ten years in the industry but I released Tongolo in March 2004. Within ten years, I have been able to take our music and our culture to everywhere in Africa, Canada, America and Europe. With my partnership with G.O.O.D music and Universal Music, sooner or later, the whole world will hear about D’banj and other artiste like MI, Olamide and many others .We will showcase ourselves to the world and they are going to buy our music. The Grammy too is very near because we have won several Channel O awards, Soundcity, MTV, NMVA and many others.

Having done stuffs with few African top acts like Fally Ipupa, Sarkodie and 2Face, is there any particular African artiste you have in mind to work with soon?
I have done a lot of songs with 2Face but I still want to do more songs with him, infact do an album together. We will call it ‘Best of Both worlds’.
Having performed at top world concerts like Wireless, Radio 1 Hackney Weekend and few others, is there any particular concert you are eyeing at the moment?
It will be The Live Nation tour and any other major tour that is top class where I can promote African language and culture. I go to some tours and I’ll tell the white people that if you see a rich Nigerian, call him Igwe (King) and they will all shout Igwe.

I teach them African languages and culture because I’m an African ambassador. Sometimes they don’t know the meaning until I translate.

What is your utmost possession?
For now, I will say is my distribution.

For once, we need to get music distribution right in this country and be able curb piracy. Aside, musicians will be able to make so much money from their works.

What is the true story of your former manager, Bankulli’s exit from DB Records?
The thing is that I won’t really dwell too much on this issue but I want to categorically say everything that everybody has read or heard is a big fat lie.
Infact, I don’t know where that story is coming from. There is a definitely time for everything. Bankulli was a wonderful manager and he is still my brother.

He is a good guy but he can’t be flying around with me again as he now does his own things. He still called us for a show recently when we were in South Africa.

When people say someone that worked with me for one year is not working with me again, I laugh. My former manager, Sunday Are still gets me shows. People keep spreading unpalatable rumors.

Are you in touch with former partner, Don Jazzy?
Don Jazzy produced four songs on the DKM album coming out soon. I remember when I was in America and they were mastering a song and I heard the one featuring Fally Ipupa which was produced by Don Jazzy and I was like wow! I called him immediately and he picked up. I said listen to what I’m hearing, this is a music you produced. So don’t get twisted like I said, love is a beautiful thing. I’m a businessman and I do what is right for my business. What I’m doing now is what I have always wanted as an artiste, professionalism and good distribution. I don’t have any regret.

Tell us about your relationship status…
I have dated a lot of women but I don’t really want to talk about them because most of them have moved on and some are married. I don’t have any regret at all because I am still young and am still a bachelor.

Do you feel bothered about it when your mum brings up the issue?
Not at all but it’s a normal thing for mothers. She is proud of me and I do let her understand that it’s not that I don’t want to marry but I have not found the right one. If she finds the right one for me; she can call me.
How do you react to rumors and critics?
It’s a normal thing for people to talk but you don’t have to be distracted. All you need is to stay focused. I want to thank everybody for staying with me genuinely even during the dreadful time. I promise not to let you guys down and you should remember that in everything I do, I’m also human.

Jealous Woman Burns Friend's Breast

A 31-year old woman has been arraigned before Apapa Magistrate's court, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, for allegedly burning her friend's breast over suspicion that her friend was secretly sleeping with her lover.
The incident happened at Railwayline, Ijora Badia where both friends live.

Miss Ifeoma Nwosa allegedly assaulted Blessing Amade by hitting her with fist blows severally and using a burning firewood to assault her right breast during the fight.

Blessing's breast was badly burnt and she was rushed to Apapa General Hospital, Lagos where she is being treated.

P.M.NEWS gathered that Ifeoma, who suspected Blessing of dating her lover, had confronted her on several occasions. But Blessing denied the affair.

On the day the incident happened, Ifeoma who had gone out was tipped off by her neighbours that Blessing had slept again with her boyfriend.

When Ifeoma confronted Blessing, an aurgument ensued between them during which Blessing warned her to stop accusing her about such a thing and that if she wanted to keep her boyfriend, she should control him and not her.

This angered Ifeoma who allegedly attacked and rained several blows on Blessing and also took a burning firewood and burnt her breast.

The matter was reported at Ijora Police Division and Ifeoma was arrested and charged to court under the Criminal Code.

She is now facing a three-count charge of assault occassioning harm and inflicting grievous injury on Blessing.

When the charge was read to her, she pleaded not guilty.

The presiding Magistrate, Mr H.0. A. Amos granted her bail in the sum of N250,000 with two sureties in like sum.
The matter was adjourned till 22 May, 2013.

Ifeoma has been ordered remanded in prison custody pending when she will fulfill her bail condition.

Naked model commutes at peak time on the train

Naked Model Commutes
A stunning model gives fellow commuters a wake-up call to remember by riding the train completely starkers.
The brunette wore only glasses and shoes for her nude ride to work.
And in place of clothes, she daubed herself with words describing what they might have expected her to have been wearing.Stunned passengers gawked open-mouthed as the woman showed off her flawless figure.
The model’s naked journey was part of a project put together by Swiss artist Milo Moire.

Spot the difference : This woman paid $85,000 for these lips

Angelina Jolie wanna be

In what looks like a daylight robbery,the woman in these pics paid $85,000 for Angelina Jolie like lips.
The cosmetic surgeon must be a good salesman or the woman is a doughnut.I know a few things i could do with $85,000,like build a beach house in my native Lagos.She should have got a boob job instead.

Police Massacre at Lafia

If you live abroad and hear some of these stories, you would be too scared to come back home. But thankfully this violence is not spread across Nigeria. I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the killing of many security operatives in Nassarawa State. For those who haven't heard, let me summarise it.
On Tuesday May 7th, Nassarawa State Commissioner of Police sent police officers, SSS and Civil Defense personnel to arrest the cult leader of a notorious militia group called 'Ombatse' (a cult group of the Eggon people of Nasarawa State) at Assakyo Village in Lafia, Nassarawa state. (Ombatse in Eggon language means “time has come”).
The state government wanted to arrest the chief priest because the group had been causing security concerns in the state. Unfortunately for the police officers sent to pick the man up, as they approached the Ombatse Shrine in a forest, members of the militia group who had laid ambush for them attacked and killed plenty of them. Many of the police officers were burnt beyond recognition.
The police command later said that only 17 out of the 90 police officers, minus SSS and NSCDC personnel, who went on the mission returned...and all with various degrees of wounds. Graphic photo when you continue...

Also, out of the 11 police patrol vans used to convey the mobile policemen for the operation, eight were burnt beyond recognition by the militia group.

The Nassarawa Commissioner of Police explains why they wanted to arrest the Ombatse cult leader:
"The militia group called Ombatse was going about in mosques and churches forcing all people of Eggon extraction in and out of Lafia to drink a particular concoction prepared from herbs and anyone who failed to comply was beaten up and harassed. It was agreed at the state security meeting that the Ombatse Shrine priest be arrested to stop such activities.”
Only a few Ombatse worshipers were killed in an operation that lasted almost 24 hours, while at least 60 security operatives were killed. Over 100 bodies, some of them burnt beyond recognition, were displayed at the Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital in Lafia for identifications by friends and relatives of the slain police men.

The incident even forced President Jonathan to call off his planned visit to Namibia on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Nasarawa State police command yesterday arrested two policemen who allegedly tipped off the cultists, leading to the deaths of their colleagues. The two police corporals, Corporal Enugu (pictured above) and Corporal Haruna Joseph, are of Eggon origin.

Pregnant Kate Middleton Glows in Peach

It really seems like height helps a woman carry a pregnancy better. Kade Middleton continues to look great with her bump as she attends official engagement almost 7 months into her pregnancy. And some reports are indicating that it may really be a boy :)

4 Bedtime Habits That May Be Killing Your Sex Life

by Shelley Emling

Finding a longtime couple who complains about too much hot sex is about as unusual as coming across an ice cube in the Sahara. For many, sex can grow a bit mundane after so many years with the same person. But all is not lost. You, too, can revitalize your sex life just by changing even a few of your everyday habits. Having been married for 22 years, I speak from experience. I also learned a few things by reaching out to Huff/Post50 contributor Ken Solin,who’s also AARP’s dating expert.

“If you’re sex life is on auto-pilot that may mean you’re not being fully present when you’re making love with your partner. The same foreplay, position and orgasms are boring after a while,” he said. “While it does require some amount of thought, it’s helpful to try to make love at least a little differently each time. Change the foreplay menu. Avoid monotony by making love in new positions. The words ‘boring’ and ‘sex’ don’t ever belong in the same sentence.”

For additional help, here are four bedtime habits that may be killing your sex life. Have your own ideas? Let us know in comments.

1. An open bathroom door policy.
Yes, I realize the movie This is 40 showed Leslie Mann chatting with her husband Paul Rudd while he was on the toilet, but — really — your partner doesn’t need to see you in the bathroom, or even cutting your toenails, no matter how close you two are. Leave a little mystery in the relationship and reap the rewards in the bedroom.

2. Wearing too many clothes.
I used to wear sweats all the time to bed. Bad idea! You want to have more sex? Go to bed wearing the same kind of sexy lingerie you used to wear when you were dating. Or, better yet, wear your birthday suit. And get ready to have some fun.

3. Asking your partner if he or she would like to make love.
Solin’s advice? “Grab your partner, take your partner in your arms and kiss him or her deeply, without breaking away, until whether or not to have sex isn’t the question … but whether on the sofa, the bed, a chair or the floor is the question,” he said.

4. Paying attention to the TV, your phone or your computer.
Don’t just silence your phone. Leave it — and your computer — in the kitchen. You don’t need them. And don’t go to bed with the news on. Nothing kills the mood faster than the latest tragedy in the Middle East. A few years back, researchers released a study showing that couples who have a TV in their bedroom have sex half as often as those who don’t. Sounds about right to me.