Thursday 14 March 2013

Pastor Chris Finally Opens Up

Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe, publisher of 'Our Daily Manna' was recently reported everywhere in the social media to be embroiled in adultery scandal with his "ex-wife" allegedly dragging him to court. The story was very nasty and kind of too scary to believe.

His church has released an official reaction to the allegations. See it below:
On Monday, March 4, 2013, a malicious news entry concerning Our Daily Manna publisher, Rev. Dr Chris Kwakpovwe was posted on some internet blogs/websites popularly known for propagating unconfirmed and mostly false news about renowned individuals.

The story linked Rev. Chris with an adultery scandal that had escalated to a court case:
Not only is this false, but this was just part of a bigger scandal planned and perpetrated by people believed to be after his downfall. Very reliable information reaching us have confirmed that they even plan to publish false documents and pay 3 individuals to claim they are his wives.

Rev Dr Chris and Dr (Mrs.) Ejiro Kwakpovwe are happily married and have never had any of the issues stated in the news entry. Every detail stated in the story including the court hearing date was entirely made up.

Just a day before the blog stories were released, a strange text (number withheld) was sent asking Dr Chris to drop N250m or risk being defamed in various publications. He did not answer them and truly next day, the stories began!

Events following the news post on the blog site have been even more revealing. On Monday, Blackmailers broke into Our Daily Manna’s office.

It was a rude shock when the management staff of Our Daily Manna resumed work on Monday morning, the 4th of March, to see the data section containing names of all ODM partners broken into and a laptop containing all names and sensitive information was stolen.

The intention according to an informant is to discredit the vision of ODM by malicious blackmailers sending text messages to people telling them to give money for miracles.

It is a shame that the paid bloggers have been supportive of these enemies of progress by posting stories void of validity and full of impersonation of persons even in court proceedings and without consideration of the implication to the life and safety of the individual in question.

Clearly this is not the first of such attacks on Rev. Chris. About two years ago these same blackmailers attempted to slander Rev. Chris’ good name when a woman was caught during a night vigil by the security men having stolen (kidnapped) a child from the church premises and on searching her bag, a sharp knife and stone were found.

She confessed that the plan was to murder this little child and plant her body at the worship center and an alarm would be raised to make it look like a ritual scene so this same blackmailers can write malicious, false and defamatory reports against Rev Dr Chris that he is involved in rituals and that is what he uses to pull crowds to his worldwide anointing services accompanied by outstanding miracles.

Our personal investigation have shown that months ago, a strange lady who claimed to be a journalist, took Dr Chris and the ministry to court when she claimed that she fell into a gutter during one of the anointing services at the National Stadium in Lagos. She is demanding for millions of naira and threatened to recruit more journalists against Dr Chris. The case is still on and outcome awaited.

Dr Chris has received several threats to his life through phone calls, demanding for money or be ready to face press scandals/death.

What these blackmailers fail to realize is that Rev. Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe has never been known to bowing before cheap blackmail. He is so focused on unleashing his divine gifts to rescue a hurting world that he had no time to being defensive over scandal mongers.

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