Wednesday 9 January 2013

Should I Marry Him and Ignore the Consequences?

Many couples are suffering over what this lady is battling with. Read and help:
My name is Chidera and I am in my late 20’s, a single mother to a 7yr old daughter and to the glory of God, I own my business. I have been in and out of relationships that have not been productive and I think that at this stage the only thing that is left for me is marriage. 
I met a guy recently who is not only my tribal guy but also from a neighboring village. He is also into business and he works in a pharmaceutical company. He is also a single father to a 7yr old boy.
We have been dating for quite some time now and we are considering marriage but there is a big problem. We both share the same genotype, we are both AS. He was once married and the marriage produced two wonderful boys. After some years they both had to part ways. The reason for his breakup with his ex-wife was because they share the same genotype AS.

Among the sons she gave birth to, one of them was SS, though the child is dead now, but the lady’s parent totally disagreed to the union and asked them to both part ways, which they both agreed on. The point now is that we share the same blood group and we are looking forward to tying the knot, and I don’t know if I should go ahead with this marriage because I don’t want a situation where we will be asked to part years after we have spent time together as a couple. 

But he said he is positive that the only thing we need to take into consideration is that we won’t have too many kids.

If a couple that are AS do not have many kids can prevent them from having SS kids?

I am confused. I need your advise pls.

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