Wednesday 16 January 2013


Dear bossmaurice blog Readers, 

this is my true life story. i hate my mother and i feel like killing her, yes i hate her so much. Just before you start insulting me hear my story.
It all started when my mum got pregnant at the age of 20, according to what i heard her father was very poor and never had time for the family. When a rich family who have been childless
for ten years heard about her they offered to buy the baby from her and she foolishly agreed. Infact that was the begining of suffering for me, at age 0-5 everything was ok, infact they treated me as their own child. But when i clock five(5) my adopted mother became pregnant and every one felt it was as a result of my good luck. She later gave birth to two sons making us two girls and two boys. One would have thought i would be treated nicely but that wasn't the case. Infact that was when i was ignored most and i eventually became a slave in the house. At first i couldn't understand why my own mother would be so wicked to me until she eventually told me at age 15 that she wasn't my mother and that they bought me from my family that as far as she is concern i'm a slave and that she wil continue to treat me as such. On hearing this i ran to the kitchen and stabed myself on the belly, #crying# my whole world fell down. I was rushed to the hospital and the doctors quickly saved me, when her husband came to the hospital he was heart broken infact he started crying and for the first time he slapped his wife and ask her why she told me when they already agreed to tell me when i'm 18... This man has always been good to me both as a father and a friend, infact he was the one that taught me mathematics when i was slow in learning it, i believe this was among the many reasons his wife hated me bcos i was her husbands favourite. So after i recovered from the hospital, things went back to normal and she started acting nice. But all hell broke loose when two years later my adopted father died in an auto-crash when coming from a business trip, by now i was 17years and i just finished my secondary school, we were all devastated by the news, its wasn't a good period i must confess. After the burial my adopted mother became really wicked to me, all my hope of going to the university died. Sometimes i was made to stay for two days without eating, money wasn't the problem bcos my adopted dad left behind alot of investment! There was this time that her brother came to stay with us and he molested me, i was stil a virgin at that time. On that particular day just both of us were at home bcos my adopted mum travel with her children to the village for a family meeting. He forced his way into me and stole my pride as a woman...

After a year i realised that there was no future for me in that house, so i ran away in search for my biological mother. During this process i became homeless and i had to sleep on uncompleted houses in the bushes. I was raped on many occasions by robbery gangs who came and met me sleeping in their hide out! On this fateful day, i met a young lady and i begged her to give me money to buy food, at first she ignored me but later told me to follow her. She took me to her house, bath me and cooked for me, after which she told me to relax that this is my new home as from that day. I was so happy and i cudn't believe there were stil people wit a good heart...

The following day she told me that instead of giving my body free for food ,that it was better i became a professional and make good money from it. That was when she told me that she is a prostitute and that she would love me to join her. I had no choice but to accept her offer... I prostituted for three good years,by this time i was living on my own in a well finished apartment bcos i was sleeping with politicians and they were paying well. My friend met a guy that changed her life and stopped her from prostituting, he is a wealthy guy and he also got married to her. On their wedding day i met this fair guy so who so funny, we stated dating and i told him about my past and what led to my prostituting. He felt sorry for me and told me that he loves me and that my past is a past tense. After two months her propose to me and i accepted, my friend parents accepted to act as my parents on the wedding day. My guy really showed me the love i deserved, he took me to New york for shopping and he promised to always love me.

When i came back into the country, my gate man told me that there was someone waiting for me who has refuse to leave the compound, so i told him to bring in the person. He came in with a woman, when i ask her who she was, do you knw wat she said "I'M YOUR BIOLOGICAL MOTHER" at this point i was filled both surprise,anger and hatred. She knelt down and started begging me to forgive her for selling me,that she was young and didn't knw wat else to do...

Pls people tell me SHOULD I FORGIVE THIS WOMAN???

after all i've gone through i feel like killing her!

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  1. Don't kill her, at least question her to know where your father is and where you came from.