Monday 28 January 2013

My Younger Sister & I Both Cheated with Each Other's Partner

Hello admin pls I would b glad if u publish my story so I can know people's opinion on this.

 Am 28 years of age now in a family of 6 girls some years ago I had this married man I was dating for money to b honest I saw money then at least 4 my level. Along the line I introduced my kid sister to this man casually didn't even know how they exchanged numbers though but one thing led to one thing my sister pushed me out she revealed some secrets about me to him and when he confronted me he had proof that even when I was denying it I looked stupid it was his friend that now told me who was behind it which he even tried to settle us but we had grown apart. Stories getting to me then was my sister was seeing him n gallivanting round town with him, I hated her for this but I didn't want to make so much noise because it was a shame to me can't find myself fighting over a married man so I let it go with time things went sour between them n he started calling me but he never agreed that he dated my kid sister.

 Years later my kid sister is in love with a married man now that she would do anything for and she still has other side flings also even in the past we have had to settle fights btwn her and her friends claiming she went after their men within me I knew it was true because she has done it to me but I stil didn't bother I loved my sister well than my other sisters

 Now recently my kid sister met this nice young chap who is loaded but married also n even introduced me to him, seriously I didn't want to come between them all I wanted was to get him to suit my bills but my kid sister found out n all hell was let loose initially I felt bad not until I said to myself this man is married why fight over him but No way she feels I betrayed her then I ask myself isn't it d same girl that betrayed me years back has she forgotten so soon but that wasn't the reason I did it mine was just for the money but she stil has her married man boyfriend in one corner that she loves so much now she says I should go n marry karma wil catch up wit m.  pls Maurice what karma is she talkin of I still feel bad for lettin my greed take over me but what would I do now I need your advice.

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