Monday 7 January 2013

My Sexual Experience in The Hands of A Randy Producer ––Yoruba Actress

Up-and-coming actress Olaitan Ogungbile, is one actress to look-out for in 2013. The very beautiful thespian, who is fast becoming the toast of many producers in the Yoruba movie sector of Nollywood, has featured in major productions in the industry. 

In this interview Olaitan opens up on her experience as a budding actress. She also reveals harassments from the opposite sex among other things. Excerpt:

What were you doing before you ventured into acting? 
I was in school. I studied Botany at the University of Ibadan.

How easy was it for you to transit from Botany to acting? 
I just love acting. It has been my dream job since I was very young.

So why didn’t you study theatre art? 
Mine was a case of career imposition. My parents wanted me to study medicine. I didn’t get to study medicine. I ended up studying Botany.

Do your parents support your acting career now? 
Oh yes, they are, because I’m done with school. They weren’t really against it initially; they only wanted me to finish school before delving into acting, because school is very important.

Talking about acting, who are your mentors in the industry? 
I used to have someone before I came into the industry. But right now, that has changed. But don’t ask me why, because I don’t want to talk about it. So let’s just talk about my mentors now. They include Ayo Adesanya, Bimbo Oshin and Joke Silva. And talking about actors, there is Muyiwa Ademola and the rest.

Why don’t you want to talk about who your mentor was? 
Yeah, I used to have someone I really, really love in the movie industry. That was before I got into the industry. But after I got into the industry, I was disappointed knowing the person for what she really is. Something happened and she stopped being my mentor. I was so crazy about her but now my love for her has dropped. Don’t ask me her name because I’m not going to tell you.

What is it that you don’t like about the person? 
Something happened and the way she reacted really put me off. In the first place, she had no business with what was happening, but she made it her duty. After that time, I went back to greeting her, but she was giving me attitude.

Often times, up-and-coming actresses always have brushes with established ones. What’s your experience like on the issue of respect?It’s been very good. I’ve never had any of such issues with anyone because I greet my seniors the way I should greet them. Like seriously, I kneel down and greet them good morning ma, good afternoon ma. So there is no way I could be a victim of anyone’s wrath. 

What was your experience like on your first movie set? 
It was really nice. But even before then, I had been seriously equipped by my acting school. So it was not a challenge for me really. It was smooth. But acting with A-listers for the first time, Muyiwa Ademola, Ayo Adesanya, Bimbo Oshin I felt so shy. Like wow! And at the same time I was challenged to give my best.

Who and who do you look forward to working with in the near future? 
I’ve worked with a lot of A-listers really. But of course, I hope to work with more of them, the likes of Funke Akindele, Mercy Aigbe, and Toyin Aimakhu and more.

If eventually you get that Mr. Right and he now say to you have to quit acting, would you obey him? 
He can’t say I have to quit acting. I won’t even marry someone who says to me you have to quit acting. You saw me as an actress, so why would you marry me and now say I have to quit acting. Funny enough, my younger sister and I were actually talking about it last week. I’ve actually met people who wanted to marry me, but who said to me I have to quit acting and I reply no.

After all, if you didn’t see me in a movie you would ask my hand in marriage? There was this guy who was like maybe God has a way of bringing us together. Well, it’s not possible, because I can’t quit acting for marriage. But the thing is when I get married I will reduce the way I go to location, so that I can take care of my home and my husband. And the kind of script I take will also change. But to quit acting will not happen. 

You are very beautiful and also attractive. You must enjoy a lot of attention from men. How do you handle advances from men? Yeah, I get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. But you know you have to apply wisdom in everything you do. You don’t have to jump at every offer you get, especially men, money and all that. I give the chance to some to come close. Some, we just talk on phone. There was one that was like, I saw you in Afurugbin. It was actually a big brother of mine in the industry that told me that one of his big brothers saw me in Afurugbin and has been disturbing him to link him up with me. 

But what surprised me really was that when he started pleading with me to please give his brother a chance, and that he actually told him that he’s been walking about with the movie jacket since the past five months. After much talk, I told him to give him my number. When he called he was nice. He was cool. He has a daughter and he’s a Muslim. He told me that I have to quit acting, so that was how it all ended. For now, I’m not even ready for marriage. Most of these admirers end up being friends. 

But I’m sure you’re into a relationship. Does your man have problems with some of the roles that you play? No he doesn’t. 

What about alleged harassment in the industry? 
It’s easy to deal with. When they say date me and you refuse, they won’t give you jobs. The worse anybody can do is not to give you a role in their movie. If a man says you won’t act in my movie because you refuse dating me. There is a female who will say I like her, come and play lead in my movie. It happens.... 

Once too, I had my ugly fair share of harassment from a producer... Actually, for a long time this producer was disturbing me about dating, but I refused. So one day, he called me that I should come to Lagos, because then I was in Ife. I was still in school. I told him I didn’t have money to make the journey, but he said, ‘no problem, just come, after all you are coming to work and you will be paid.’ I packed my things and I came to Lagos. I got in early and met them at the location. But throughout that day, I didn’t work. When we got to the hotel, I was like where is my room and he showed me to the room. 

He came in with me. I told him I was hungry and he ordered for two plates of food and the next thing he removed his clothes. I was like are you removing your clothes, and he said yes now. I now said to him, are you sleeping here?, and he said yes. Then I asked him where I was going to sleep, and he said here of course. And I said no, that we were not going to share the same room. I was really very furious and talking aloud. 

So he said I shouldn’t take it overboard that he will ask them to arrange another room for me and he did. So I went to sleep in my room. Funny enough, he didn’t even bring my food to me. I didn’t eat that night. The following day I didn’t shoot any movie. Someone that promised me transport fare, he didn’t give me a kobo. So I left and went back to school. He’s not the only one. They are many....


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