Thursday 14 March 2013

Uche Jombo' - Kenny Rodriguez opens up, How we met & fell in love


"My first opportunity to meet Uche was through my close Nigerian friend for the purpose of a  possiblebusiness together since Uche was a telecoms ambassador and in the US I run a communications company. But along the line I discovered she was passionate about making movies and was very hardworking. She gave me an opportunity to learn about her work, and I took advantage of that. It was easy for fall in love with her. I'm glad she chose me. I am happy we are together. Being married to her is unbelievable. She's a woman of class, independence, strong, bold, sincere, beautiful and a star. She's down to earth too and doesn't let the stardom get into her head. She supports me 100% and I support her a friend, a mentor and a husband" Kenny Rodriguez tells City People

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