Thursday 14 March 2013

Tinsel Season 5 Episode 949


“Private Matters”
“You must take me for an utter nincompoop” She’s upset that the promo did not mention her name or highlight her brand, saying “You must take me for an utter nincompoop to think I would let this go”. He tells her it’s Harriett and Bimpe that did the promo. She tells him that she demands a return on her investment and he should pay her immediately. She puts her bag down and says she’s not leaving without a cheque in hand. Soji writes a her a cheque, apparently the money cleans out his savings. Harriett goes to see Soji and tells him that he has some outstanding payments to make, namely the editor and the cameraman. He tells her to find the money herself.
Sankey calls Dan goes to see Sankey. She’s worried that he might not be up to testifying but Dan tells her he’s ready. She also tells him to get a bodyguard when he steps out of the house till the trial is over. Titi brings some dvd’s of motivational speakers talking about drug addiction to help Dan. Dan recognizes one of the men in the video as one of Titi’s former co-stars. He gets angry and tells her that he needs a release (hmmmm) not a video. He also shocks her when he tells her he knows that her whole plan is to steal the bar from him.
Fred Ade-Williams
Fred Ade-Williams
Peju from the Juice calls Sheila to ask if she can come over to interview her and Fred regarding their upcoming anniversary. Freddy is walking around the house wearing a hat and playing a harmonica (I think the boy has started hanging with a bad gang or D’Banj) Peju tells Fred and Sheila that a questionnaire has been prepared to test their knowledge of each other. In the middle of the meeting, Fred gets a call from Majek and steps to the side to take the call. Sheila is upset by this and just stares at Fred while Peju just keeps talking to herself. Majek comes over to see Fred. He tells him his original lead on Laide was wrong and he would need to start again. Majek suggests that maybe Sheila knows where Laide is.

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