Tuesday 19 March 2013

President Jonathan Pardons Serial Homosexual Rapist

Mr. Magaji, a former military police officer attached to the Lagos Garrison Command, was convicted for serial homosexual intercourse with four students of the Army Cantonment Boys Secondary School in Ojo Cantonment in Lagos.

The teenagers were Mohammed, Joseph, Emmanuel, and Isaac, according to court records. We are witholding the surnames names of the victims since they were teenagers at the time of the incident.

The documents spoke of how Mr. Magaji intoxicated the young men, all from poor background, with alcohol, making them dizzy and then forcing them to have homosexual intercourse.

He would then offer them token financial inducement to meet family obligations. One of the teenagers recalled that:

“He said I shouldn’t worry that I should go and bath. After my bath he gave me N1500.00k and said I should give Oscar N500.00k for bringing me. Then when I came out I gave Oscar N500.00k and it remained N1000.00k.
Out of the N1000.00k Oscar collected N100.00k and it remained N900.00k. From the N900.00k, I bought things paid small small credit I was owing and bought school uniform for myself.”
 Mr. Bello Magaji whose reasons for making the list remains puzzling, was one of about a dozen convicts that earned President Jonathan’s pardon Tuesday after a Council of State meeting in Abuja along with the president’s disgraced former boss, Mr. DSP Alamieyeseigha, a one-time governor in Bayelsa State where the president served as his deputy.
As the Supreme Court records indicated, but failed to develope in depth, Mr. Magaji was not only engaged in gay sex which would have been consensual, but actually he was engaged in a homosexual rape.
“The common evidence of Emmanuel and Joseph is that they were asked to drink a bottle each of small stout which intoxicated them; it was in their state of intoxication that the appellant performed the dirty act of sodomy on Emmanuel, and others.
The Supreme Court report narrated.
The Court report offers, in many of its lines, chilling narratives of Mr. Magaji as a sex pervert. The following testimony of one of the teenagers project a horrifying experience, one that will worry many who are trying to understand President Jonathan’s mind with respect to this particular pardon.
“When I went inside, I saw Joseph with Oga Magaji. Then Oga asked me my name, and then I told him my Joseph (sic) said yes so he asked Joseph if he knew me and Joseph said yes so he said I should go inside and sit down. Then when we went inside, I saw Mohammed and he said it has been long he was inside, he overslept. Then I asked Joseph the time they came there. Joseph said it has been long, that Mohammed took a bottle of Gulder that’s why he went asleep.

“By then, Sam came in, brought a bottle of small stout and gave me to drink, but I said I didn’t want to drink because I was not used to it, but he said if I don’t drink it I wouldn’t work for Oga, he will not accept me. Then he opened the small stout for me. I took a little out of it and it was bitter, I couldn’t take it, so I gave it to Joseph Unigbe who took the rest.

“After 5 minutes my eyes were turning me Joseph said me and Mohammed should go inside the bedroom to take a bath so that our eyes will stop turning us we accepted took our bath and when we wanted to put our cloths on, Joseph brought out one Army singlet, shirt and nicker, and a night gown and he said we should put them on we asked him why. He said we could not go home that patrol will hold us, that we had to sleep till the following day so we accepted and put them on. Then he showed us the guest room that we should go inside that that is where we were going to sleep.

“All of us went inside the guest room, suddenly, Joseph went outside saying he was going to collect something from the sitting room. When he went out, just immediately he went out then Maj. Magaji came inside the room.”
Click Judgement of Major Bello Magaji And The Nigerian Army to read the full judgement. 

Source: Premium Times

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