Wednesday 27 March 2013

Reasons Why I killed my brother - Nigerian US Army deserter

Vanguard report:
Nigerian US Army deserter, Allen Williams Abiodun, 52, who was arrested on February 20, 2013, for allegedly killing his younger brother, a Merchant Navy personnel in Imude community, Oto Awori Local Government area of Lagos, has finally opened up on why he committed the dastardly act.
The six-footer confessed to Crime Alert that he stabbed the deceased, Allen Olawale Ayetimi, 24, to death, following continuous threat on his life by Olawale.
The late Olawale was reportedly sleeping when Williams allegedly stabbed him in the head, neck and jugular.

After allegedly committing the devilish deed, Williams reportedly dumped Olawale’s remains in an uncompleted building foundation behind their compound and,covered it with leaves.

Report said he thereafter, took his late brother’s ATM card, Merchant Navy uniform and phone.
Crime Alert gathered that the deceased only returned from an official trip to Port Harcourt at about 11pm that fateful day. Although, he was based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, his mission to Lagos, as reliably gathered, was to settle a score between his elder brother and their mother.

On arrival,the late Olawale reportedly washed his uniform, took his bath and shared a brief moment with his mother and siblings in the shop they were confined to,during which he informed them of his intention to convince his brother to accept them back to the main building,unaware that he would never live to see his mission accomplished.

Before retiring to the bedroom which he shared with his elder brother, Olawale was said to have instructed one of his sisters to boil water for him to bath the next morning.

Apprehension set in next day, after his sister went to inform him that the hot water was ready, only to discover his blood-stained clothes on the floor without any sight of him. As she was about to leave, she reportedly met Williams, who informed her that Olawale had gone to the bank.
Unsure of what to do, she reportedly alerted her mother who raised alarm that created a scene in front of the building.

A neighbour who claimed to have seen Williams dragging what he suspected to be Olawale’s body into the bush told Crime Alert: “I came out at about 1 am to ease myself, only to notice some movements. Out of curiosity, I peeped to see what it was, only to find Williams dragging something on the floor.

“When I finished from the toilet, he was returning from where he went. I noticed his hands were stained with blood and out of curiosity, I asked where the blood came from and he said he just killed a goat. Since I did not suspect anything, I went inside to sleep. It was when I heard a shout from their compound in the morning that I was compelled to disclose what happened.”

This revelation reportedly led to William’s arrest after which he was handed over to the police.
However in this interview with Crime Alert at the State Criminal Investigations Department, Yaba, Monday, where he was paraded alongside some robbery suspects that have been terrorizing Lagos, it was observed that Williams was not coherent with his words. He simply stated that the deceased was never his brother.

According to him, “He is not my brother. He is Ogunmadede’s son. What happened on that very day was that as I was in my room at midnight, somebody pointed a torch light in my face. And I said hey man, you know you have been threatening me. The next thing I did was to reach for a cutlass. I moved over and stabbed him in the head in order to act safe. It did not look easy for me to kill him”
Asked why he chased his mother and siblings from the main building, he denied that stating: “ I am a US soldier for your information. I only escaped and returned home in 1992 because of a lady I fell in love with from the Ogunmade family in Ondo State. But when I returned, she dumped me and I could not go back”.

Back to the question about his mother, he said, “I did not chase my mother away. In fact, she was in her office in Ikeja when the incident occurred”.

Asked how that was possible since he said the incident occurred at midnight, he simply stared at this reporter. At a point, he started behaving funny like one who is mentally deranged, saying things that were not relevant to the issue at hand.

Investigation carried out in his community revealed that he was feigning to be mentally deranged, in order to be let off the hook.

One of his relatives who spoke on condition of anonymity said: “ He has never had any mental problem since I knew him. He is just pretending so that one will think he is a mad man”.

Meanwhile, his mother and siblings are currently gripped with fear over the possibility of Williams’ release. But police operatives assured they would conduct a test on him to ascertain his mental state before charging him to court.

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