Tuesday 7 May 2013

How Couples Can Really Get Sex Right

One of the major challenges of a typical couple is how to send the right signals and get the best of each other when it comes to sexual fulfillment. As much as many couples want un-inhibited sexual harmony, the hold of culture, norms and tradition is a major inhibition.
Do you want to put your lover in the same sexual frequency you are in right now?
Well it will help to communicate to your mate the fact that you want sex sooner than later, in a way that will get him or her as fired up as you are. There is one major undeniable fact and that is both men and women love to feel lusted after, and many get an erotic jolt just from hearing their partner confess that they are ‘on heat’ for their lover. Many wives are dying to hear their husband say they look so sexy, even after many childbirths.

To many spouses, especially the ladies, the idea of just ‘ordering’ her to bed and demanding your conjugal right may drain every sexual feeling for the next few weeks. A husband that is under pressure to meet up with some official, financial, health or marital challenges may never respond to repetitive nagging over the fact that he is neglecting his sexual responsibility. A wiser approach can just be you to whisper into your partner’s ear that (1) he or she is incredibly sexy, looking good, best spouse of the year, incomparable partner; and (2) you desperately want him or her to get naked.

Just say something you are certain he or she will NEVER resist. You have to make it a habit to know your spouse, for the more you know your partner the more likely you will hit the right notes. Those words with well-executed touching and tantalizing visual signals should be able to create a sizzling and heavy atmosphere.

Do not jump to sex immediately but watch how your partner responds to your advances. This will help give you a clue as to whether they are good to go, or need sometime to get there. If they pull away or stop your hands, you know they need to be seduced more slowly. You don’t have to be aggressive; seductive and playful but deliberate coaxing can be very effective. Planning and executing a ‘sexual ambush’ with a loving attitude heaps loads of sexual satisfaction for either party.

Many times, I encourage wives to deliberately create an avenue for easy access when they are at home with their hubby. Do not over dress at home once in a while. Let your nipples peek out from your bra and be revealing under your night wear in an innocent way. It should be in a way that is unavoidably seen by your husband. This will give any sexual encounters a more spontaneous and erotic vibe. Even if you have had sex with your spouse hundreds of times you can still feel the newness of good sex. Husbands could encourage deep night talk or ‘secret time talk’.

This will help create incredible bonding for the woman. This also helps the man to have enough time to pay attention to the innermost feelings of his lady. By this the man will have more opportunity to make some adjustments here and there and tap into more profound emotion.

By Funmi Akingbade

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