Tuesday 7 May 2013

"Is it a crime to display my picture on my Blackberry"? - Tokunbo

According to the lady in the picture above, she used the picture above as her display picture on her BlackBerry messenger and it went viral on the internet. I didn't get to see the picture until now but I know it is very wrong to use someone's picture on the internet without the person's permission. Just imagine the emotional trauma she's been going through as a result of this!
Read her statement below:

I really don't know if It has now become a crime to display my picture on my BB. I have a simple question for you bloggers, has it now become your profession to destroy people's image or is it a crime to be endowed? This picture above went viral few days ago without my knowledge.I uploaded the said picture as my dp on bb and before i realized what was happening,it has gone farther than I thought and I know people doing this are people close to me to tarnish my image. At the moment I cannot even even display any pics on my bb. This Lackadaisical and wicked attitude of you bloggers have cost my relationship. My parents are also not happy about this. I am a graduate and am not interested in becoming a celebrity or a public figure,some scammers have already started using it to scam people on social media. Please and please, I will be grateful if you can remove this picture from your blogs and pass this message around.

Thank you

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  1. Please lets learn to respect people's privacy. Sorry Tokunbo