Tuesday 7 May 2013

Don Jazzy Cries Out, They Want To Run Me Down Shuts Down His Night Club

This is a good lesson on how not to venture into a business you know next to nothing about:
Since Don Jazzy put his money into night club business things have not been the same for him. In fact it has really affected him even in his popular trade, music production, that he hardly produces a great beat these days. Maurice blog gathered that he has finally shut down his PoP night club...
His reason is that people were trying to wreck him, rather than support the business to grow. Most of those who frequent Don Jazzy's club take expensive drinks without paying while others, especially ladies, simply go to the club to take pictures with Don Jazzy with a view to show same to their boyfriends.
Don Jazzy kept pumping money into the business but nothing was coming out. An insider told that he is angry with so many people whose names are on the list of debtors in his club but have decided to shut the place down in order not to pick a fight with anyone.

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