Saturday 11 May 2013

My Boyfriend Lied To Me: Sex Can't Keep A Man

Young ladies go through a lot in relationships these days, most times with the wrong guy:
I am in tears as I write this, it’s not that I want anyone’s pity, I’m just putting out the story to let others learn from my story. I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years after he was deported from the UK. When he got here he lived with his sister but they had an argument and she chucked him out. 
So being the good person I am I got an accommodation for him. We have been in a serious relationship and planned to get married this year. Now for the bombshell……
I had NO IDEA he left a wife and two kids in the UK, and I have now discovered that they have been in constant contact. What is most disappointing is that t I know his family well, when I say well, I mean well. If they have a function we all wear the same aso ebi. 

On Monday one of his nieces who is really close to me let slip that my boyfriend is planning to travel to London on Thursday, VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!. Can you just imagine that I had no idea. I thought she was joking or seriously mistaken, and I think it’s this reaction that prompted her to tell me about this secret family and about this secret visa that he has somehow managed to obtain.

His niece begged me to never tell anyone, furthermore she said that I’m such a nice person hence the reason why she told me. When I confronted my boyfriend he denied it then got very upset. I went to go and meet the sister who threw him out, she’s the first born, and a lot older (meaning she should be wiser) I begged her to tell me the truth, and she confirmed what the niece told me, however she said not to worry and didn’t say anything about him travelling.

I went home and told him that his family had confirmed everything. He then opened up and said he has to leave on Thursday. I was shell shocked. When I asked what will happen to me he said me and him will still communicate, as if that would be some sort of compensation.

I got home and told my family and my mum was so mad on Tuesday we went to my fiance’s house, my fiance’s mum told my mum that we will still get married that I should be patient for like 2/3 years so he can get stable, and that I should be the wife here while the wife in the UK will not interfere with our marriage here. My mum rebuked such an arrangement and told her where to go. 
I then texted my fiancé saying is this really how we are going to end and he replied with 'I am sorry'. Nothing more was said. I am not feeling mentally stable but writing this is a source of relief knowing that someone might read this and be more observant, thus letting her see the kind of man she is really with. 
Ladies, and even gentlemen too I’m not saying you should start acting like Sherlock Holmes but just don’t turn a blind eye if you suspect ANYTHING.

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