Monday 29 October 2012

Psquare Open Up – ‘We Have No Hand In Our Mom’s Death’

Popular musicians Paul and Peter Okoye, aka Psquare have broken their silence on their alleged involvement in the death of their mother.
On Thursday, July 12, 2012, the world received the sad news of the death of Mrs Josephine Okoye. She was reported to have died after an unsuccessful heart surgery in an Indian hospital in Kolkata. We gathered that the supportive mother, who had been a pillar of support to her children, had been ill for a while, as her last public appearance was the Psquare Invasion concert in August 2011. She took ill shortly after and was diagnosed with a severe case of diabetes. Although initially admitted at the St. Nicholas hospital in Lagos, she was eventually flown abroad after her case deteriorated.
Mrs. Okoye passed away after over 5 hours of heart surgery, according to Psquare’s older brother, Jude Okoye, ‘You know that she was a prayer warrior, so I don’t need to tell you how she stood by us spiritually. Besides, she was the only one that believed in us when we decided to make a career out of music. I can remember that she used to sneak us out at night then to attend shows without the consent of our father who insisted that we must quit music to face our education’ he added.
Sympathizers, included friends, colleagues and fans thronged the artistes’ Omole residence to sign the condolence register and commiserate with the brothers.
While the Okoye family where busy making arrangements to give their beloved mother a proper and befitting burial in their home town in Anambra State, rumours broke out alleging that the brothers were members of the Illuminati Cult and had sacrificed their mom for fame and wealth.The rumour mongers were quick to come up with various theories to back up their allegations, a few of them including their riches and fame, joining Akon’s Konvict Music and featuring popular American rapper Rick Ross in one of their songs, among many other stories.
The absence of many friends and colleagues in the music industry at the burial also fueled the rumours, as many claimed many of the artistes were afraid of being attached to the alleged Illuminati caucus. The Illuminati is alleged to be a conspiratorial organization, which is alleged to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order, they most common sign is that of a pyramid (The triangle shape).
While this was shocking to the Okoye’s, who were still in mourning, they remained silent.
However, in a recent interview with the Punch, while answering various questions on their career success and achievements so far, they were asked about their mom’s death and the allegations, read excerpts from the interview:
How do you feel about your mum’ s death?
We feel so bad to know that our mum is no more. But who are we to question the Almighty God. Traditionally, we are supposed to bury her and not the other way round. It is just that it happened so soon.. Indeed, her death was a big blow to us.
It was rumoured that you people knew what happened to her?
Then, it is too bad to hear that people are accusing us of being responsible for our mum’s death. We are not blaming anybody. People are free to say what they want to say. We begin to wonder whether  there is anything that will ever make us to go for the life of our beloved mother.
Her life cannot be quantified in terms of money or fame. So, our answer to this question is that we have no hand in our mum’s death. We only blame the death that snatched her away from us if not so, people won’t be pointing accusing fingers at us. She died after a brief illness.
Aside [from] your mum’s death, there was another rumour that you guys have joined Illuminati?
We are short of words. Why would anybody say such things about us? Well, the fact remains that we do not belong to any secret cult, whether Illuminati or anything you call it. We owe our achievements and everything that is happening to us to Almighty God.
In recent times, many Nigerian artistes with international relations or ties, whose success and rise to stardom appears fast, are quickly accused of being members of the devilish Illuminati cult such artistes include the likes of, D’banj, Wizkid and even the late Dagrin. While many still claim, it’s all a farce others are quick to accept signs and tattoos done by the suspected members as proof.

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