Monday 22 October 2012

Full List Of Nominees For The Nigeria Blog Awards 2012

nominees for Nigerian Blog Award 2012
The Final nomination list for the Nigerian blog Awards was released today and am so glad to see my name in two categories, 'Best Business, Career or job Blog' and 'Best Science and Technology Blog'. Thank you all for nominating me. 

Below is the list of all nominees for the Awards. Voting Begins on Oct. 22nd.
Missing Blog On The List Rhipplemedia
1.      Best Beauty Blog
Blog about makeup or other beauty products.
2.      Best Book, Poetry, or Writing Blog
Blog that focuses on books, poetry, or writing, in particular the blogger’s original works.
§  AfroSays
§  M’ade
3.      Best Business, Career, or Job Blog
Blog that focuses on any aspect of business or career, or on finding jobs.
4.      Best Cause Blog
Blog about raising awareness for a particular cause, such as a medical condition or a political movement.
This category was removed because the nominated blogs were either too young a blog or did not even vaguely fit the description of the category. One blog partially worked because although it is not devoted to a cause, it raised awareness about someone’s illness. Most submitting nominations mistook a cause for a theme or subject.
5.      Best Collaborative or Group Blog
Blog on any topic, written by two or more people.
§  Alariwo
§  Mobility
6.      Best-Designed Blog
Blog that is visually appealing. Although the design can be based on a template, it must be modified from the original template.
§  Date 360
7.      Best Entertainment Blog
Blog about the entertainment industry, including celebrities and gossip.
§  BeeGists
§  Date 360
8.      Best Faith-based Blog
Blog with a focus on religious beliefs or themes.
§  Ike Amadi
9.      Best Fashion or Style Blog
Blog about fashion, fashion design, or personal style.
§  Belle Kay
10.  Best Fitness or Health Blog
Blog that focuses on healthy living, exercise, or wellness.
§  Adura
11.  Best Food Blog
Blog with a focus on food, cooking, catering, or similar.
§  Afrolems
12.  Best Humour Blog
Blog that is amusing or lighthearted in nature.
§  FotoIdols
13.  Best Music Blog
Blog that focuses on music or the music industry.
14.  Best New Blog
Blog established in August 2011 or more recently.
15.  Best News Blog
Blog with a focus on Nigerian news or current events.
This category only has four eligible nominated blogs.
16.  Best Parenting or Family Blog
Blog with a strong focus on parenting, family life, or the journey to become a parent.
§  Gbemisoke
This category only has four eligible nominated blogs.
17.  Best Personal Blog
Blog that focuses on the author’s experiences.
§  Hmmm
§  M’ade
18.  Best Photography Blog
Blog that focuses on photography and includes the blogger’s original photographs.
§  Alakija
19.  Best Political Blog
Blog with a strong focus on Nigerian politics.
§  Ndukwe
20.  Best Relationship Blog
Blog with a focus on romantic relationships.
21.  Best Science or Technology Blog
Blog about science or technology, including information technology.
§  TechLoy
22.  Best Sports Blog
Blog that focuses on Nigerians in sports, or on sports in general.
23.  Best Student Blog
Blog by an individual currently enrolled in school.
24.  Best Topical Blog
Blog with a clear niche that is not represented in any of the other categories.
§  African Naturalistas (Niche: natural African hair)
§  Emekatalks (Niche: personal development, self improvement)
§  Movie Reviews (Niche: movies)
§  Natural Nigerian (Niche: natural lifestyle, avoiding processed things)
§  Nollywood Reinvented (Niche: Nollywood, movie reviews)
25.  Best Tutorial Blog
Blog that focuses on teaching its readers through the use of step-by-step instructions.
26.  Best Travel or Tourism Blog
Blog about travelling within Nigeria, Africa, or elsewhere in the world.
§  KTravula
27.  Best Wedding Blog
Blog that cover personal preparations for a wedding, weddings in general, or industries related to weddings, such as event planning or coordinating.
28.  Nigerian Blog of the Year
Best overall blog by a Nigerian or best blog with a strong focus on any aspect of Nigeria.
So there you have it. Vote for your blog. Next year when I get on the list you vote for your choice

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