Monday 29 October 2012

Why Is K-Solo Maltreating His Pregnant Wife? –See The Answers

Singer and producer K-Solo flaunted another woman on his Facebook page as his love and new fiancee, less than two months after he and pregnant wife, Kikelomo Oyeniyi came out to say their very public breakup was just a publicity stunt.

A source revealed to me that the new lady who's name is Bimbo is K-Solo's ex girlfriend whom he was with for 7 years but never legally got married to. They only did the normal introduction and she went on to live with him for 7yrs. The relationship failed to bring forth any child prompting K-Solo to accuse her and her family of witchcraft.
Bimbo has a shop around Ogba where she sells attachments and weavons. Her full names her Abimbola Kafayat Tiamiyu but she likes to be called Bimbo Timson revealed the source.

After the ordeal with Bimbo Timson, he then met Kike whom he allegedly beat several times as revealed by kike few months back. According to the source, "Kikelomo has lost two pregnancies which bore trademarks of K-Solo's incessant assault.She's presently carrying the third and could be due for delivery in less than a month. 
So as it is Kike remains the legally married wife and she expects K-Solo to respect that and assume his responsibility. If she delivers safely by God's grace and he K-Solo do not attend her child's naming ceremony, then it only proves how cruel and wicked he K-Solo is."

"After the last assault which led to their separation, K-Solo was forced to move back to his mother's house where he currently stays after Kike got the refunds to their 4 bedroom flat she paid for. Kike moved into a new 3 bedroom flat where she had been staying alone, a single pregnant soon to be mother. 
K-Solo later had another girlfriend named Funmi Mensah (nicknamed FMG) who moved with him into his mother's house and remained there till she heard of K-Solo's attempt to reconcile with Kike and was forced to leave out of shame. K-Solo had kept the habit of taking his girlfriends to his mother's house where he lives.

The source further said, the recent interview with Channels TV, in which K-Solo appeared with Kike claiming that they were both ACTING A MOVIE and apologized to their fans was all his craft. "Kike never planned for such interview. K-Solo had been trying to get back to Kike ever since their quarrel went public. He had been remorseful after pleading alongside with his family and Kike was bent on giving a careful thought to it. He goes to her house to visit her from time to time and she was considering letting him back. 
That fateful day he asked to take her out and on their way back, he claimed he had an interview with Channels TV and beckoned on her to accompany him which she reluctantly accepted, on getting there, she sat somewhere in the building but K-Solo had told the interviewers he was with his wife. You don't expect a responsible woman like Kike to start arguing or quarreling with her husband on air. She thought about the child she carried and had to comport herself while he did the talking. But you should know what happened when they got back to the car". 
Well that was why she tweeted about it and made some clarifications.

"If he K-Solo must elope with another woman, he should wait till she puts to bed and get her legal consent but until then she, Kike, remains his only LEGAL WIFE"... the source concluded.

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