Monday 22 October 2012

”My wife made her ex mad, killed our pastor, she’s after my life now”

In a divorce drama currently displayed inside a grade A customary court, Agege, Lagos, a 50-year- old man, Chukwugozie Opara claimed he could no longer condone his wife excesses, threat to life and feeble mindedness.

The father of one confessed to have been charmed into the absurd marriage by his wife, Priscilla, who was a one-time divorcee, an allegation Priscilla out-rightly denied.

Giving his evidence on why he wants to opt out of the long time union which has produced a boy, Chigozie, bluntly told the court that he did not know how he got himself getting married to Priscilla, adding that he would not have slept with a lady of her type if he was in his normal senses.

“For six years, l followed her like a sheep being led to be slaughtered. If not for God, she would have killed me or made me mad. One of our pastors in our church who wanted to settle our quarrel died a few days to the meeting, and my wife said she was the one who killed him. She has also found the habit of leaving home any time it pleases her, abandoning our only child in my care,” he lamented.

Revealing an open confession made to him by his estranged wife, the Chigozie fumed in anger, affirming that Priscilla once told him without mincing words that she made her ex- husband mad.

Therefore, he prayed the court to formerly dissolve their union to save his life and also let him have access to their child which he said was the only blessing of their marriage.

Countering the allegations heaped on her, the mother of one also claimed that she had lived with Chigozie as true and honest wife, but he maltreated her so bad before finally kicking her out of their matrimonial home.

“I was told by one of our pastors that my husband was once mad, but I did not believe until he exhibited the trait.” However, she also consented to the dissolution of the marriage and also wishes to have the custody of their only child for proper motherly care.

After a keen observation and evaluation of the pleas made by both parties, The juror awarded the custody of the child to Mr. Opara, but ordered him to allow Priscilla to see the child, during every holiday in order to keep the motherly bond going.

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