Monday 22 October 2012

My Boyfriend Wants to Dump Me Because of The Forbidden Fruit

The last few weeks have been very sad for me as my relationship, one which am really proud of and happy about, is about to pack up. My last relationship ended after I caught my guy with another girl in his apartment when I visited without calling him first. I was heart broken.

Now am in a relationship with this cool guy and he loves me like mad and I really love him too. The problem now is sex. I gave my previous boyfriend whenever and wherever he wanted it but he still cheated on me so I decided to stop.

I'm sending you this message because I've seen a lot of stories on and I've learnt a lot from them. My lovely boyfriend is now avoiding me because I'm saying no to sex. He said he would have accepted to wait if I was a virgin but that he didnt see any reason to wait.

My mind was already made up about not having sex again until the first night of my marriage. Please is there any other thing I can do to keep him? How do I know he wont hurt me once I start having sex with him?

Anyone with sound advice should please help me out. Thanks.

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  1. Give it to hime before you loose him else , you have other guys somewhere?