Monday 1 April 2013

Denise Williams, Singer Confesses to TB. Joshua

Denise Williams, a former member of RnM, who won the maiden edition of the Vodafone Icons reality show, has in shocking revelations confessed to attempting suicide and engaging in prostitution.The 28-year-old, born to a Liberian mother a Ghanaian father, made the startling revelation on Emmanuel TV’s deliverance service at the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) headed by Prophet T.B. Joshua over the weekend. The bubbly musician, who wore a beautiful pink dress, stood in front of a packed congregation in Nigeria and gave an account of how the prophet saved her from a life filled with temptations and tribulations.Denise disclosed that: “My mother is a drug addict and alcoholic, my father I never knew him,not because he was a dead-beat dad but because my mother was very promiscuous.”Probably to protect her, Ms Denise, narrated, her mother gave her out at a very tender age, to an aunty, who did not have her own children. Her aunty, she added, took her to the US but started abusing her when she had her own child. According to her, she was abused severally and finally sent away to her real mum at the age of 12 on board a flight to Liberia during that country’s civil war. She was disappointed upon seeing her mother whom she said, “lived with three other men in an unfinished building.”She revealed that, her mum introduced her to prostitution and after facing harsh economic hardships, she met a man, who was seven years older than her. That man, she noted, introduced her to drugs and alcohol which become part of her life. In her bid to find her father, Dennis left for Ghana after her mum had affirmed to her he was a Ghanaian.
When she arrived in Ghana, she recounted that:“I walked on the streets of Ghana, begged for money; I did stuff for money as in slept with men for money because I didn’t have anything else to do.”The bubbly musician said she spent her life in Ghana with junkies who at a point told her she
had a good voice. That commendation pushed her to try her music hopes at a karaoke bar in Accra where the owner, she said, was impressed by her performance and offered her, her first real job.Denise Williams said she was later inspired to audition for MTN Project Fame where she emerged seventh. According to her, after her stint at that reality show, she met people who asked for sex to promote her music career and “No one helped me”, she lamented, after she turned down their sexual offers.During this time, she stopped doing hard drugs after several prayers to God but she was still
glued to alcohol. Broke away from a progressive group Denise said she auditioned for the first Vodafone Icons: Divas Edition in 2011 and became the leader of the show’s winners Rhythms and Melody (RnM) – also made up of Stephanie Lindsey Baaba and Natasha Dedey Mann. While many would have thought the young musician has finally hit the pedestal she had always dreamt of, Denise recounted that after they won the competition, some unknown forces pushed her to leave the group. “Something came in me and said leave them alone. They are holding you back, why don’t you just pursue your solo career and I just left those girls and those girls have moved on, they are elevating, great things are happening to them and I start singing at another karaoke bar again. So I
am not moving forward anymore,” she recounted. “I was about to die,” she said. She started falling sick, she had seizures, mini-heart attacks and she was told she had early case of spondylosis.Denise revealed that: “I attempted suicide more than three or four times and I wouldn’t die because every time I tried someone will come and find me and save me from it.”With tears running down her cheeks, the young musician confessed, “I’m saved, I’m healed, I’m delivered, I’m happy,” adding she has found joy in the Lord. On her knees, she asked T.B. Joshua to save and guide her as she wants to continue her music career.
The Lord is indeed a wonderful God! Emmanuel!!!

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