Wednesday 10 October 2012

Wale Adenuga Opens WAP TV Station

Seasoned publisher and producer, Wale Adenuga, has a strength that many of his contemporaries do not have: he seems to have a grasp of the business side of entertainment. His record with widely sold defunct Ikebe Super and Binta and Friends magazines, as well as popular TV series that include Papa Ajasco and Superstory, speaks for him in this respect. It is the same reason that some people will closely watch Adenuga as he unfolds another major arm of his trade, which is the establishment of a TV channel called wapTV.

It is reasonable to think that the field is gradually getting saturated, based on the number of outfits that came on stream in recent times. Yet, while experts are likely to concede that there is still room for specialised channels, certain factors could easily have boosted Adenuga's courage. Part of his strength is the experience he has garnered in the industry where he has worked with stakeholders in all aspects of the industry. Also, he is a major content provider who, like the proverbial person that sleeps beneath the oro fruit tree, which is not likely to be starved of its delicious fruits, will normally have his hands full.

And after having recorded several major productions over the years, some people would also argue that he should be able to muster the financial muscle to ensure sustenance, which is the bane of such media products
in Nigeria. Of course, Adenuga also seems to be strategically positioned to leverage on his film training company, PEFTI, from where he can get hands to support wap structures.
The General Manager, wapTV, Abdulhakeem Williams, underscores these points when unveiling the channel that came on air on October 1. According to him, Adenuga's dogged determination to see the project through serves as a catalyst for all the staff.
"His never ending enthusiasm and drive are factors that drive our unique station because he is, without doubt, wap personified," he notes.
Williams adds that while the channel has launched new programmes such as morning ride Kookoorookoo, Oro Agba, Wapparazi, Vogue 360, Reel Naija and Awokogbon (mainly Yoruba movies), it will also air Adenuga's classics that include Superstory, This Life and Odd World etc.

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