Monday 17 September 2012

My style is universal

I was born on August 11, 1979.  I am the fifth in a family of eight—four girls, four boys. I hold a diploma in industrial design from Yaba College of Technology and a degree in Business Administration from the University Lagos.  I also have a certificate in artistry from the London College of fashion.
My passion for fashion
I have known right from my youth that I was going into fashion. I can sew; I do my designs and the beadings. My fashion house, Semiloge couture was launched as a result of this passion. I am concentrating on exclusive clientele but its gradually opening up to others in the general public. Ankara? Well, I don’t really use Ankara. I have discovered that most designers in Nigeria use Ankara, which is why I decided to go for water chiffon and raw silk. Our weather is not friendly, it is hot. Chiffon is weather- friendly and sexy. My style is basically universal. I love comfort and convenience.
Fashion business in Nigeria
It is going places and we are going to take over the world in five years’ time. The Nigerian fashion scene is influencing global trends from Milan to Italy and New York. Nigeria designers expensive? Never! The designs are unique. Did you know that most of the original designer bags in Nigeria are as expensive as N350, 000? A simple designer tank top can sell for as much as $300.  Then, compare that to what we charge here.
I am married to Demola Oniru. I met him at a wedding and he said I looked like someone he knew. Then, we became acquaintances and he kept telling me that he had made up his mind to marry me. I was reluctant at first but he persisted and that convinced me that he was serious. If you want to be successful in life, your husband has to be in support of your idea or it would never work. What I am doing is not taking my time. I am always there for my family.  There was a time I ran a boutique but I stopped because I don’t want to be stressed.
Favourite fashion accessory
I don’t have a specific one but I love most fashion accessories like bags, shoes and jewellery.
Beauty routine
I love doing my make-up and I use a primer before applying the eye shadow. I also base before I fix them with concealer, after which I apply foundation. My hair? I don’t wear Brazilian hair. I prefer the Peruvian hair. It is a wise option because while you buy all these cheap ones and throw them away after use, you can use your human hair forever if you know how to maintain it. I have been wearing this for the past one year. Once you condition it, you are good to go. It is human hair so you have to treat it the way you treat your hair.
I am a very restless person. I don’t watch television but I listen to music since I am an artist. Music keeps me relaxed especially while I am sketching. I also love to be by the poolside on Sunday evenings.
Banke Oniru runs a clothing line, Semiloge Couture.       Punch News

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