Thursday 20 September 2012

Lady Gaga Turns Rapper on ‘Cake Like Lady Gaga’

Lady Gaga nearly sent her Little Monsters into cardiac arrest with the leak of a mysterious new track called “Cake Like Lady Gaga.” The pop star turns trap star on the boastful record that would make the Based God proud. The typically humble superstar stunts and snatches wigs, rhyming about AKs, her iced-out chain, “burqa swag,” and 30 million Twitter followers.
“F**k your life, you bitch ass trick,” she spits. “I roll all that good shit, you rollin’ on that Reggie Bush.”
According to SPIN, the original track was released by Gaga’s producer DJ White Shadow on Twitter. He asked fans to submit their own lyrics to the beat before posting a slowed-down version and writing, “In an unusual twist of fate, the winner has asked not to be announced!”
Gaga’s makeup artist also tweeted the link and it wasn’t long before some tech-savvy fans sped up the original to discover what appears to be Mother Monster in all her glory.
If you’re not a fan of Gaga’s hip-hop swag, don’t worry. It’s likely that she’s just having fun and won’t include it on her upcoming album ARTPOP.
Get a taste of Gaga’s “Cake”

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