Monday 17 September 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Latest Twist On The Death Of Wunmi Adebayo!

This Update on the murder of Wunmi Adebayo, a Tai Solarin Student will shock you, and it should serve as a lesson to Ladies who run after big boys without knowing the source of their income.

 Peradventure you haven’t heard about the death of  Wunmi  Adebayo then, do so ON BIZZARE NEWS.

It was reported that Wunmi was killed few days ago by armed robbers at her boyfriend’s apartment in Ijebu Ode. Well, there is a new development in the story now, as her boyfriend has confessed to the Police that he killed Wunmi.
He just didn’t confess, but a source said Wunmi’s parents didn’t believe his story that she was shot by armed robbers, so they had to invoke her spirit (a common practice in many parts of Nigeria, particularly where the circumstances surrounding the death of a person is suspicious. When this is done, the killer is tormented by the spirit of the deceased until he or she confesses.)

After being continuously tormented, the alledged boyfriend is said to have confessed to the murder this morning. According to the confession of the robber, Wunmi came to his house unannounced and just barged in.

When she entered, she met him and his friends drinking and making merry with guns on the table. On seeing this, Wunmi was shocked, scared and tried to run, but was caught. She was then forced at gun point to go back inside by the guy and his friends. On getting back inside the house, they beat her, raped her, then shot her in other to cover their dark secret.

The boyfriend, then shot himself as well, in other to set an alibi for him self and build the “robbery story” which is currently been circulated today. Since Wunmi is no more to tell her story, he thought he would have easily gotten away with the murder, and no one will discover the true nature of what really happened.

This is the new turn of events in Wunmi Adebayo’s story and From all indication, Wunmi was indeed a victim of circumstance. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

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