Monday 17 September 2012

I’m sleeping with my nephew and keeping it a secret it wrong?

MY boyfriend is 17 years younger than I am. That might be all right but he’s also my nephew.
I’m 45 and he and I have always been close since his mum died when he was 16. She was my older sister. We’re both very touchy-feely people and have been there for each other. We have kissed before in a friendly, family way, but that was all.

I’ve been single since my husband walked out five years ago. My nephew had split up with his girlfriend and had nowhere to live, so I said he could have my spare room.
We often went for a drink together and one evening I told him I felt old and unattractive, but he said I looked good, like a woman should.
A couple of evenings late, he told me I looked stunning. We were having a cuddle at the time and I said, “If you weren’t my nephew, I’d be all over you.”
Then he kissed me passionately. I know I should have stopped it there and then but my whole body was alight.
We slept together that night and have done ever since. This was six months ago. Nobody suspects anything, as he has his own room and we act like a normal aunt and nephew when others are around, but behind closed doors we’re a proper couple.
I know he’ll find someone younger eventually and I accept that, but all my friends say they’ve never seen me so happy and joke about me having found a new man. Surely we’re not doing anything wrong, even if we’re related?

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