Monday, 11 March 2013

Men Are More Likely To Flirt With your Less Attractive Friend

An attractive woman is sure to get the guys attention. That is why it is so confusing when they start flirting with your friend who is the least attractive. It just does not make sense. There are a number of reasons why this happens. Men always have a game plan and especially when it comes to women.
An attractive woman may get all the attention but they are just as happy to flirt with a less attractive woman. A man’s ego is huge and all he really wants is to be center of any woman’s attention.
It is possible that a man may flirt with a less attractive woman in order to get the pretty woman’s attention. His reasoning is that the pretty woman would not want to be left in the shadows by someone who is less attractive. He is appealing to the pretty woman’s sense of vanity. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not because some women are vain while others could not give a hoot.
A man could flirt with a less attractive woman because he feels he has a better chance. He may not have the confidence to flirt with the pretty woman. His thinking is that the less attractive woman would be grateful for his attention. This will not work if the less attractive woman is confident. If she has a great personality then it definitely will not work to his benefit.
Do not underestimate your less attractive friend to be as playfully alluring as any pretty woman. Often, attractive women rely on their looks to get attention but less attractive women have to use their wit, personality, charm and intelligence to level the playing field. Flirting with anyone could become a ‘dangerous’ game.
Flirting is meant to be playful but if it is taken seriously it could be hurtful. Perhaps it is best if he did not flirt with any of your friends. There are many stories about flirting that have ended up in breaking up friendships and even romantic relationships.

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