Monday, 4 March 2013

Lesbian Girls Expelled From Secondary School

“I received a note listing some girls as suspected lesbians who also planned to burn down the school on December 10th, we embarked on investigations to unearth the truth,” said the principal of the school, while disclosing that those who confessed were forgiven, counseled and readmitted.

“Everyone was convinced that they had indeed stopped their behaviour. They even stopped talking to each other and we all thought that the relationship was over. Little did we know that we were being fooled.”

The school’s principal (names withheld) said she was shocked how bold the young girls had become in their evil practice. Some of the girls were caught red-handed in the middle of the night having a nice time under the sheets in the boarding room.

Parents are seriously begging on behalf of their daughters but the school authority said 'NO'!

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