Monday, 11 March 2013

I am in love with my stepson, How can I tell my family This?

I can't sleep in my own bed for thinking about my stepson in the next room.
I’m 49 and my husband was killed in an accident five years ago when he was 58. We had only been married seven years and I was devastated but knew I had to carry on living.
His son, who is 31, was very kind to me, so when he lost his flat, I said he could move in with me and have my spare room. I thought it would help him and be a bit of company for me.

He kept telling me that I should move on. He said I was beautiful and could easily find another good man. I just dismissed it as flattery.
Then he started saying he wished he could be that man and he would love to take care of me and make me happy again.
He told me he had always liked me very much even when his dad was alive. He is so like his father, loving, kind and very attractive, and I’ve fallen for him.
I can’t sleep at night for thinking how good it would be to wake up and see his face on the pillow beside me. I know he feels the same.
We both want to have a relationship but we don’t to want to upset anyone in the family. He’s close to his mother and lived with her till he got his own flat.
Is it illegal to have a relationship with your stepson and should we nip this in the bud, before it gets any more serious?

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