Sunday 21 July 2013

Sex or Food: How Couples Should Get It Going

I can’t get my husband’s food ready and at the same time be his fantasy sex partner. It is not possible. One has to give way. A working class wife told me this on the phone:

'He wants his food and sex at the time I thought the ‘only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’.

Well, the truth is that even after you feed your man well with the best delicacies that money can buy, with an average husband, food and sex still goes hand-in-glove.

Ladies, no matter what you think, it is what you do in bed and in other matters, apart from food, that will guarantee a sealed deal between you and your man.

I am not saying that giving him good sex is the ‘only’ way to set your marriage on the path of bliss. What I mean is that everything else could amount to nothing without great sex. As a matter of fact, sex is so important to your man, just as it is to other men. It will be unwise not to live up to his expectation in bed even if you are a good cook.

Although most women are not trained to make their men eat well and at the same time be good in bed and make their husbands scream their heads off in the heat of the action, it will not hurt to appreciate the fact that sex is an art that one can learn.

I want to talk about what every woman who wants to keep her man should know. They are little things that we always take for granted, which frankly speaking, make a world of difference between satisfying our men sexually and alienating them, thereby, giving room to unnecessary quarrels in the home.

To begin with, if there is one place in your home that you need to pay a lot of attention to, it is the kitchen and the bedroom. As much as every woman endeavours to keep her kitchen neat and good, wise women understand the need to turn the bedroom into one unpretentious sex theatre.

Everything in your bedroom must look, smell and taste sexy from the beddings to the décor and right down to the lighting. It is important to eliminate distractions by restricting, for example, the television set to the sitting room (where it really ought to be) and ensuring that books remain in the study. The bedroom should only be for making romantic conversation, curdling and sleeping in a peaceful manner, and for making hot and unforgettable sex. Nothing else is acceptable.

The kitchen has been known to be the woman’s territory. Ladies, you should keep your ‘sexual empire’ neat at all times. Nothing kills the passion faster than faded, unappealing and ugly grandma-type of underwear, or cheap, low quality brassieres and pyjamas. Investing in good and sexy lingerie will not only elicit an appreciative response from your husband, it will also ensure that you get his praises for food well prepared and undivided attention.

Flaunt your God-given body lustfully before your man while serving his meal because it is your unique gift to him. A confident display of your body in a seductive manner is a sure turn-on for any man, and quite honestly, chances are he will not care that your figure is not the drop-dead, come-hither type that keeps heads turning in its direction.

It will not cost you a dime to be adventurous in your own bedroom. Place his food on a small side table in the bedroom. It is the perfect place to whet his sexual fantasy. While you are at it, remember that going through the same sexual routine all the time will lead both of you nowhere. Therefore, it is important to break the monotony by trying out something new.

For example, you can decide to share his meal in-between you on the bed and afterwards, turn off the light and seal the dinner with ‘desert sex’ and surprise him with a bit of bedroom acrobatics. If he is the one who makes the first move, now is the time to take the initiative for a change. Go all out to spice up your sex life. Dream up new ideas.

Doing this will not make you look like a slut; rather it will transform you into every man’s dream. Believe me, with most men, there is nothing that is as thrilling as a wife with a creative chef habit and a healthy sexual appetite.

If the kitchen activities are cumbersome, there are caterers who specialise in preparing special local delicacy. They are all around us, once in a while you can place an order and make do with such for a while. Some people can cook better than you do and feed your family well with a healthy balance diet, but nobody else should be able to give him great sex. So when it comes to placing priority, food and sex with man most times go hand in glove.

By Funmi Akingbade

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