Saturday 13 July 2013

Beyoncé Posts Photo of Jay-Z As a Kid After Rapper’s Album Goes Platinum

Jay-Z Instagram

Beyoncé is giving props to her man.
On the day his latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail was released to the public, Jay-Z was presented with a platinum plaque for selling a million copies.
So, to properly congratulate her beau on his big accomplishment, Bey went to Instagram and told everyone to—yep, you guessed it—bow down.
Queen B posted a throwback photo of Hova (an adorable school graduation photo, to be exact) and wrote the famous line from her recent track along with the caption, “Platinum #MagnaCarta.”
Jay stayed true to his #newrules slogan after selling a million records to Samsung in an unprecedented deal that forced the Recording Industry Association of America to rewrite their own rules, now counting digital album sales.
The RIAA posted a photo of Executive VP of Communications Jonathan Lamy, Executive VP Mitch Glazer and Director of Communications for the Gold & Platinum Program Liz Kennedy presenting Hova with his plaque on their Facebook, making this his 12th platinum album.
However, Billboard was not on the same page when it came to counting Jay’s million copies sold to Samsung, and the magazine’s editorial director, Bill Werde, explained why.
“Our role as the chart of record is to set the rules, and hopefully even raise the level of play. It is in this spirit that I say it wasn't as simple as you might think to turn down Jay-Z when he requested that we count the million albums that Samsung ‘bought’ as part of a much larger brand partnership, to give away to Samsung customers.

“True, nothing was actually for sale—Samsung users will download a Jay-branded app for free and get the album for free a few days later after engaging with some Jay-Z content. The passionate and articulate argument by Jay’s team that something was for sale and Samsung bought it also doesn't mesh with precedent.”
But, Billboard will definitely still be monitoring his album sales and say they anticipate large numbers for his latest release.
“I've been told that label sources expect first-week sales of the album to be in line with the 400,000-450,000 his recent albums have shifted. That will almost certainly give Jay his lucky 13th No. 1 on the Billboard 200.”
Guess we’ll be bowing down again soon.

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