Thursday 18 July 2013

#BBATheChase: South Africa(Angelo) Has Fingered And Sub-Raped Nigeria(Beverly)

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The Big Brother show is unarguably the most watched/followed indigenous TV reality show on the continent. Comments and headlines floated the internet when Beverly got involved with Angelo. Here’s what he had to say.
I mentioned earlier on my facebook page that I don’t follow Big Brother Africa and that is by choice. A choice I believe lots of people have on their decoders by ignoring or disabling the channel off their bouquet. I align myself with Professor Wole Soyinka’s statement made a few years back that BBA is pervasive and debasing.
Reading snippets of this year’s edition on some online platforms, I think the Good Prof’s statement has largely been vindicated. Uninhibited sexual frolicks on open camera, accusations of STDs being passed around, shameless smooching by hormonal charged housemates and ear-tingling swear words are the pre-dominant values being shown to the continent from that neo-Gommorhic contraption of a creation. Of course, I’m told the content producers cleverly hide my above description with so-called tasks which lamely try to project positive African cultures and traditions; which is ironical because such modern franchises like BBA are neo-imperialist means of eroding the very essence of Africanism as the world moves to an incomprehensible digital age.
There are various countries represented in the BBA house from many African countries. The Producers of the show cleverly put up a caveat that the contestants represent themselves and not their countries, which I find nebulous and amusing. But I understand why they are playing safe. The reality is that BBA is a competition and every person in that house represents (intentionally or otherwise) the culture and morals of their respective countries. So when one housemate screams blue murder that he was infected by another with an sexually transmitted disease ( I’m told its a Nando accusing a Selly) its not just a personal accusation. Its Nando’s country (Tanzania) accusing Ghana of giving them Chlamydia. That’s just the plain reality.
And while some of us are sniggering about that, the latest furore generated by Nigeria’s representative in the house, Beverly Osu, over her unlimited libido is as shameful to many as it is interesting to others. Almost all major Nigerian online sites and newspapers have been awash with opinions and comments for the past couple of days about how Beverly got herself in a ferocious foreplay which was caught on camera. In accompanying pictures, Beverly is seen with her South African romantic interest, Angelo, in a hot-blooded sexual position with mouth agape in ecstasy as he does something to her with his finger. In fact, I don’t even know which is more shocking, the act itself or the crass reportage given to it by the bloggers. Most of the bloggers went on a tactless headline spree by posting headlines such as ‘Beverly Osu ‘fingered’ by Angelo’ and other shocking headlines like that. What is that naa? Ehn? I guess they didn’t know how else to report it except in the tell-it-like-it-is headline.
Anyway, the arguement in Beverly’s favour is as amusing to me as it is as silly. Some say its her body and she can do what she wants with it. True. I agree. But those with such opinions could very well ask their sisters or daughters who have bodies to dance naked in the National Stadium to accentuate their arguement. Since freedom of the body has now moved from being personal to being open in a visual zoo, then those people might as well go on a naked display.
Another school of thought canvassed by former Big Brother winner, Uti Nwachukwu, says its not easy for a sexually active person to ‘hold bodi’ for 3 months in the house. Is that an excuse? In fact, from the Biblical perspective, I liken the sexual adventures in the BBA house to the sacrilegeous Absalomic act in the Bible, wherein Absalom openly slept with his Father’s concubines for all to see on his royal patio. Only, in the BBA, there are no kings or usurpers. Only people who profess to be followers of faiths they don’t know jack about.
Coming back to my hypothesis, it is not Angelo who used the finger on Beverly. Its actually South Africa which has fingered and sub-raped Nigeria. Since both housemates are representatives of their countries, Angelo’s act should be seen for its symbolism rather than its entertainment value. SA is the biggest economy in Africa, according to financial analysts. Nigeria is the fastest growing economy in Africa. There’s been a struggle for continental domination by both countries over the years. To underscore their importance in Africa, South African companies have been investing heavily in Nigeria; finding huge profits in the porous economy of Nigeria. Nigerians welcome all these investments with open arms. Just as Beverly opened her arms and *cough, cough* for Angelo. So, when Angelo carried out his act, he might have been telling us Nigerians who cared to watch, ‘F**k you, all! You Nigerians ain’t shit’. And that is how I see it.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not xenophobic in anyway. I’m being very realistic. Beverly represents a whoring Nigeria which seem to get nothing right but just allows itself to be screwed both by internal and external interests. Its as simple as that.
But all this grammar and analogy I’m giving here will not change something. When this same Beverly comes back from the BBA house, she would have turned into the next big celebrity with possible companies falling over themselves to sign her for endorsements. Its just what pointing fingers can do to one.
Charles Novia.

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