Sunday 7 July 2013

50Cent brags "I'm not in Jail, I'm on my Gucci couch"

Lol 50cent is officially a clown. If you haven't heard, he has been accused of kicking an unnamed ex-girlfriend, who police say has a child with him, and destroying some of her things during a dispute at her condo in Toluca Lake, California, on June 23 but 50 Cent claims to have no knowledge of the incident.
Police officers were called to the property, where the woman claimed she locked herself in her bedroom after she got into an altercation with 50 Cent but alleged he kicked down the door and kicked her, resulting in an injury.

The 37year old rapper, who is facing five charges, including one count of domestic violence and four counts of vandalism, reportedly left the house before police arrived.

Instead of being sober, he took photos around his sprawling mansion posted them on instagram with the following captions
I'm not in jail I'm in my kitchen fool
I'm not In jail I'm in casino
I'm not in jail I'm on my Gucci couch
I'm not in jail I'm by my water fall
I'm not in jail I'm by my pool

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