Tuesday 16 July 2013

Tinubu Blasts Jonathan: Stop Denying Your Involvement In Rivers Crisis

Leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria and former Governor of Lagos State, Ahmed Tinubu, has said that he is ready to face the truth that many are afraid of:
“The PDP and the presidency were quick to disavow any involvement. However, we all know the truth but most are afraid to speak. I shall speak. There is no way the police and the small number of five lawmakers would act so brazenly unless they receive instructions for their high places.”
He said President Goodluck Jonathan was behind the crisis rocking Rivers state House of Assembly and the back door plot to impeach Governor Rotimi Amaechi.

Despite several denials from the presidency, many Nigerians have continued to place on President Jonathan, the responsibility for the crisis in Rivers state, where an attempt by five lawmakers to remove the speaker against the wishes of 27, resulted in a free-for-all last Wednesday.

Mr. Tinubu, a fearless critic, said all indicators were clear for a safe conclusion that the president manipulated the events that day.
“Nigerians must ask, ‘Is this the way the President Jonathan intends to transform Nigeria? By turning it from an imperfect democracy into a perfect mess. A total lack of respect for constitutional democracy is what we are witnessing,’” he said.

“In what stable and functioning democracy can you find a President or his agents bully a governor this way or violate the federal constitution so openly with complete impunity?”

“All this occurred under the watchful eye but idle hand of the police officers deployed to guard the chamber. We can say the police in Rivers became an accomplice to an illegal attack on the very government and constitution they pledged to uphold. This was a shameful moment but even worse it is a likely foretaste of the partisan role the police will take incoming elections.”

While the 27 lawmakers back Governor Chibuike Amaechi, who is enmeshed in a prolonged face-off with President Jonathan, the remaining five, led by Evans Bipi, a relative of First Lady, Patience Jonathan, are said to be in connivance with President Jonathan and his wife to remove Amaechi from office.

But Tinubu said the truth is clear for all to see: “For standing up in defence of the interest of his people, Gov Amaechi became a marked person. The irreconcilable political differences between main actors in Rivers State soon magnified the crisis with heavy lifting from the presidency.”

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