Tuesday 16 July 2013

Still Being Played By The Madam

“Wait Wait.” My husband picks up his phone. “Mrs. Bamidele is calling,” he said still looking at the screen.
I start kissing his ear and trail it down to his neck just the way I know he likes it. “Tell her you’ll meet with her tomorrow, today is our day, now?” I whine as he starts to get up from the sofa.
“Babe you know I have to go!”

All this is funny to him, I can tell from the nonchalant way he has been brushing me off to the side lately. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, how did we get here where this sort of behavior is now normal. In what world is it normal for a man to leave his wife while in the process of making love to go and satisfy his sugar mummy?

Mrs. Bamidele started all this; Tunde and I had gotten married after he graduated from University and after not being able to secure a job after 4 months, he got a job as a driver at the Bamideles. I was still in school but the job came with a room in their boy’s quarters and since I was still in school didn’t have a job either, madam let me stay with him in the boy’s quarters.

It wasn’t the best living condition but for the time being it worked. We didn’t have bills, constant electricity and we were being fed so the salary he made was put towards my tuition and sending whatever change was left to our parents.

It was early October and the rainy season had just started, I had just started my last year in university and since Tunde usually got home around 9pm when he brought madam home from work, I figured I could use the time to catch up on my homework. Tunde rushed into the house and all I saw on his face was anger and I know he doesn’t get angry easily so I knew something had to be very wrong.

“What is wrong, Tunde, what is it?” I quickly got up to his side to try and find out what was wrong.

“We are leaving, Folake, pack up our things, we are getting out of here.”

“What! Why! Where are we going? What happened? Tunde please talk to me.” I was pleading now. It’s not like we had anywhere else to go.

“Madam fired me, she wants us to leave before she gets back.” He starts packing our clothes into a big nylon bag because it’s not like we had luggage.

“What did you do, Tunde please wait, sit down and talk to me. Maybe we can beg her.” I pat the little chair in the corner of our small room.

“Folake, can’t you hear me, She said we should leave!” He ignores my seat offer and continues packing.

When I finally got him to seat and talk to me, he explained that madam had made advances towards him and when he refused she told him that he was fired. I was livid, what does she want with my own husband when she has her own? Its women like her that ruin marriage for women like us who do everything we can to make our husbands happy. So she thinks she can flaunt her money at my husband and the world would stop.

I was so angry that I actually started packing up the rest of our stuff that Tunde had not gotten to. We were all packed when Tunde decided that his favorite shirt was still hanging to dry outside so he went to get it.

After thinking about our options if we left, I decided to reconsider. We didn’t have family that we could run to; in fact both our family depended on us to provide for them with the little change he was making. Where would we go at this time of the night, who could we call and what options did we have?

When Tunde walked back into the house, I had a more remorseful look on my face hoping to persuade him to change his mind. “Olatunde mi, my husband, my love, why don’t you just play along, shebi I’ll soon be done with school and we can move away then. Please ehn, think about it, if you don’t have a job how will our parents eat and my tuition is there and you know I only have one year left.”

“Folake, are you crazy, do you know what you’re suggesting?”

“I am not suggesting anything oh, just play along for a while till we can figure out what we want to do, even if it’s to move out of here but at least we would have a plan. Jo, think about it my husband.”

After that conversation and a lot of persuading, he went to beg madam that night when she got back and for the past 3 years I have pretended that I didn’t know what was going on.

Now it’s all about the random promotions at their family business, “business trips” every month and the occasional long nights at work.

No doubt my husband loves me and never ceases to show it but I cannot complain about his sugar mummy knowing he will throw it back in my face. I was the one who wanted this, well, not this as in how he's ignoring me right now but all of his relationship with her is my own doing.

We might have moved out of the Bamidele's boys quarters but my husband is definitely still being played with by madam.

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