Thursday 5 December 2013

How I was abused (TRUE STORY)

Today was a blessed day for me because I met the someone who taught me that I am not the only one and shame should not be felt by the abused. I am 34 years old and I have periods of
disbelief when I remember my many years of abuse. I was molested from the age of 5-13 off and on. I really felt ashamed because it was my own father and my stepfather.

I remember it all started as a tickling game and progressed to having me rub his erections. I was forced to get naked in front of him and allow him to rub and fondle me until he ejaculated. I was so afraid of him because he use to beat my mom. At age 10 he came to my bedroom and attempted to have intercourse with me and I screamed and my mom woke up. He abruptly got up and told me if I told her he will hurt us both. I was afraid and did not tell. My dad finally decided to leave my mother and after I told her of the abuse and she informed the authorities. He left and they could not find him.

My mom moved on and got remarried when I was 12, she told my stepfather all about what I suffered and he comforted me. A year later he raped me and told my mom I came in her room and thought I was her. I was so sick,embarrassed, humiliated and afraid. He was reported, went to jail and was released because they say there was not enough evidence because they believed his story. He bragged to his friends how he had me and I wanted the abuse.

I still remember all those feelings, I have not truly talked about it with anyone but my husband. I realize that it’s not my fault . I personally would like to thank Mr. Book because his words were a blessing today. I am now dating a very good man and we will be getting married very soon. This is my own story and I am happy to tell it alive and happy.

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