Monday 23 September 2013

Swaziland King Picks One of These Sweet Virgins

Amidst criticisms, the young King Mswati 3 of Swaziland has picked an 18-year-old lady, a beauty pageant contestant as his wife number 15. It is believed the age-long culture of young virgins displaying their oranges in a cultural festival before King Mswati is really motivating him to have more "fresh" women.

“I can confirm that the king has introduced to the nation a new liphovela (royal fiancee).”

King Mswati, 45-year-old, who is sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch, introduced Sindiswa Dlamini at a Reed Dance celebration over the weekend. She wore red feathers on her head — a sign of royalty.

The king has come under fire for his household’s lavish lifestyle while the tiny mountain kingdom’s 1.2 million people struggle to live a decent life, as most of them are a replica of poverty.

The King has continue to resist attempts to reform the culture of breast display, obviously for selfish reasons.

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