Tuesday 27 November 2012

I Got Great Sex from A Guy Now I Want Him More Than My Husband –True Confession

I've been married for over three years now, am like every other married woman who is not so fulfilled with her marital life, i have never cheated on my husband before, i have tried to live my the book but it hasn't paid me well, i decided to turn around and taste what the other side of life is like, i haven't dated many men, i have always been the #goodytwoshoes#.

My husband cheated on me just a few moths into our wedding, i forgave him, we moved on, he did it again and again, i am tired of hearing pray for him and let him be that he will turn a new leaf. I cannot be sharing my man with everyone, you claim to love someone yet you screw around. 
Maybe i need to get some action myself as well....
I hit the gym, toned my body (not like am fat) I am very much to behold, i am tall, beautiful, and i turn heads but i cannot dull, if he cant keep his thing down and derives pleasure in toiling with my emotions, na to look else where oh. 
Along the line at a social function i went, i met this awesome guy, he actually helped me out with my car because i had a flat tire, from there we exchanged complimentary cards, the first time i saw him, i just knew he was the one i wanted to explore with, he is sweet to a fault.

I gave him a few weeks, he did not call or keep in touch, so i found him on facebook and added him, we exchanged pins and started chatting constantly, he knew i was married, we chatted all through the day, he told me all about himself, his failed marriage, how he has been separated from the mother of his 6 year old son for 4 years, we talked about his business, he is fully loaded (RICH) he got so used to calling me that i had to warn him to stop cos am married that he should ping me first and find out if the environment is okay for a call. 
He told me so much things in a few days we started talking, i dint blame him, am a very warm person, understanding and ready to listen, i also told him about my predicament as well, and he said he was sorry about it and gave me this option: 'if the seat is too hot for you, walk out'. The thing is i am not ready to leave my husband because i still love him.

Back to the main gist 
We got so inseparable, so close, we talked all the time, i paid him a visit at his house and it was magical, i felt like a baby all over again, he had not had sex in a while, he ripped all my clothes off, gave me d head of life, licked me all over, turned me around and we had the most amazing and rewarding sex ever. 
It was fantastic, we skpyed all the time, had fone sex, sent unclad pics to each other, we looked forward to seeing each other again, but the problem is, ever sine he got inside me, he stopped communicating with me like before, i have him on bbm but he wont update, he just treats me like i don't exist.

Please help me what do i do? I want more of him, i got so fond of him, how can i start this all over again with him, how do i confront him, when i am having sex with my husband, i close my eyes and all i can see is him, all i can feel is him, all i can smell is him, i desire only him.
He has a girl friend abroad and i understand, i do not want to have a relationship with him, i just want to continue the steamy awkward affair.

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