Tuesday 27 November 2012

A Sexy Single Mother Who's Ready To Mingle But The Men Are Not Coming

I am a single mum, who has been separated for two years (not my wish though). I tried all I could to keep the marriage despite being emotional and mentally traumatised, and physically abused, but I had to leave when my life and that of my child was at stake.

I hear people talk about how they cheat on their husbands and it amazes me because its a very difficult thing for me to do, it takes a lot of guts I must say (not judging here).
If it was that my husband was just cheating alone I would have stayed....
I have been celibate, and not been in any relationship for the past two years, because most people that comes are young single guys and married men, and I just feel its not right to date another woman's husband. I didn't even do that as a single before getting married, not trying to be a saint here, afterall I didn't marry a virgin and people who do so, have their reasons.

As for the single guys, abeg make them go find single babes like them and leave someone like me alone, atimes I wonder why I attract them, maybe because I don't look like someone that has dropped one sha.

For me I will be more comfortable with Single dads, divorcee (must know the cause of the divorce, so I no go from fry pan enter fire), and widowers, but they are not coming. Despite the fact that the population of these set is few compared to married men and single guys without kids but not even one in the past two years.

I am beginning to get worried and lonely, some friends are already advising I date a married man as against my wish, as it will be difficult to meet this category of people.

Is there any chance that I will meet anybody from this category? I am human abeg and my body no be wood oooo!

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