Sunday, 26 August 2012

What’s Jacob’s Cross?

The sitcom, which has been on air for some time has its theme woven round Africa. It also shares a strong bond with crude oil and the intrigues surrounding Nigeria and its vast oil wealth. Infused with the theme of colonialism, the plot aptly revolves around the age-old pains and problems oil has inflicted on the most populous nation in Africa.

JC is a mirror of the role politics and greed play and the great influence these two forces can have on individuals and families; as well as the magnitude of destruction and agony that come in the wake of quest for power and material things.

Jacob Abayomi, a South African born businessman, suddenly discovers that his biological father is a Nigerian oil magnate and head of the powerful Abayomi family. Always nursing the dream to create the next great African empire, Jacob reaches out to take charge of what seems like his birthright but first,  he has to reckon with forces that would stand in his way of inheriting—his step brother, Bola Abayomi,  politics, betrayal and power play that function as natural albatross on the route to power.

Some of the key characters who dominate this fourth season are Jacob, who has to pause in his enjoyment of a relationship with beautiful Trinity and face the unending battle surrounding his family oil business; Prospero, who in his effort to separate himself from the Brand mining empire jeopardises his relationship with Dr. Jones.  Also, there is Andile and his battle with grief and morphine.

Folake won an important concession for the Abayomi family but her victory is short lived at the return of Bola, Jacob’s half brother and the main contender for the inheritance of the Abayomi oil empire.

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