Tuesday 7 October 2014

Asari Dokubo Stones Boko Haram, Chibok Scam Fabricators & Lying Australian Negotiator

Asari2Asari Dokubo who is presently in Mecca for the annual Islamic Hajj pilgrimage has taken to his facebook to share photos of him stoning every devil in his life and country. He shared this message via his facebook page, read below;
Stoning every satan in my life…. In my well being … In my match leading to the total liberation and independence of my country from the shackles and satanic grasp of Nigeria….
Stoning and killing every satanic manipulation,plots,plans and incantations….
Stoning the satan before me and behind me….
Stoning the satan at my right hand side and left hand side….
Stoning the satan below my feet -creeping on the earth beneath it and stoning the satan flying in the atmosphere above my head.
Oh ALLAH every satan had been stoned…be they the hegemonic born to rule satans who strive to dispossess every body else of their freedom,liberty,possession and we’ll being….Every Boko Haram whether hidden or known….every fabricator of the CHIBOK SCAM….every lying Steve Davis.
Oh ALLAH let this Jamaarat be a blessing in the totality of my life.Ameen.

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