Friday, 19 October 2012

Aero Contractors records 2 engine failures in one week

The state of our Aviation system seems to be dwindling by the day as more reports surface about failed engines etc.On Tuesday it is reported that another air tragedy was averted when  an Aero Contractors’ pilot of flight AJ 133 with over 90 passengers,returned an Abuja-bound flight to the Lagos airport after one of the engines was said to have developed technical problem.
According to reports.the plane  took off from Lagos at about 6:55 pm yesterday on its way to Abuja and when the pilot noticed a problem with one of the two engines, he made air return after the flight had been airborne for some time.
  On Sunday,a similar experience was witnessed when an Aero flight AJ318 was delayed for hours and eventually cancelled .2face and his team were among the passengers.The flight was scheduled for 8pm,it was delayed till about 11 pm.When they were inline to board,they were delayed for another 30 mins and were offered no concrete information  on the reasons for the delay.
At about 12 or so,they were told the plane had a cooling system problem and were told to return the next day. Does this mean all or most of Aero planes are faulty?

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