Monday, 15 October 2012

7 Ways to Make Good Relationships Even Better

In a long term love relationship, you are either drifting apart or getting closer. You really do not get to stand still.
Here are 7 tips for how to get closer and make your relationship better and better.
1. Make a list of “little things” you know your partner likes and enjoys – Keep it with you, in your wallet, purse, briefcase or bathroom mirror to remind you.
2. Ask your partner “What can I do today, this week, month, year, lifetime, that will help you feel loved by me?” Once you find out the answers to these questions, my suggestion is to take the radical step of doing them.
3. Catch your partner doing something you appreciate – Then tell them. Every single one of us likes to be appreciated. Being appreciated is a great way to draw one close.
4. With your partner fill in the blanks for the following statement:
“I feel closest to you when…………..”
This is another working list to help keep your income on track.
5. Think back over the history of your relationship – What were the things you did that brought the biggest smile to your partner’s face? What touched their heart the most?
Then, if at all possible, do these things again!
6. Ask your partner “What would a perfect day look like for you?” And then create together as much of that perfect day as you can.
7. Consider together the times you have felt the closest. This is so simple yet so profound. Make a list of the things you were doing that contributed to the feeling of closeness, and take the time to do them again.
Good strong lasting relationships don’t just happen – they are created by putting hands and feet on love and acting and living it out.

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