Monday, 27 August 2012

Wife Catches Husband Pants Down With His Niece

The 33-year-old man, William Chipoterere’s illicit sexual exploits with his niece Venellet Chimufombo came to light last week when he was caught red-handed by his wife Dudzai Simango being intimate with Venellet. The drama occurred at William’s lodgings at House No. 8219 in the neighbourhood, attracting a sea of people who jostled to watch the free drama. It also emerged that William’s affair with Venellet had lasted two years.
“Dudzai who had gone to her rural home (in Mhangura) four months ago only got to learn of her husband’s conduct when her landlady told her of William’s behaviour. “She came back on Thursday after receiving a tip off from the landlady who then made a special arrangement to trap the two,” said the source.

“Dudzai arrived at 4pm and hid herself in one of the rooms waiting for her husband who arrived at 7pm.
“Later in the day, Venellet who works in the city centre arrived home and the two had super which was prepared by William and they later started watching pornographic material.

“After watching pornographic stuff, the two are said to have started caressing each other before they had sex on the couch and the floor. Dudzai who was monitoring the two later budged into William’s room and found two being intimate in their birthday suits leading to the fracas,” narrated the source.

In another interview, Dudzai corroborated with H-Metro’s source saying she was devastated after unearthing the sex scandal. “I really caught them red-handed having sex in the sitting room in their birth suits, an indication it had been their habit. “Venellet aichemerera zvandisati ndamboita kana ndichisasana nemurume wangu (She was really moaning with pleasure, more than I have ever done when having sex with my husband),” narrated a heart-broken Dudzai.

She added: “The two were not even ashamed for their immoral act as they proceeded to our bedroom when I disrupted them. I then approached my landlady asking for advice but I was really devastated as the two continued with their sexual exploits.” Dudzai said she was really irked by William’s conduct as he ran berserk destroying their property during the melee. On Friday, there was still commotion at the house despite Dudzai calling her relatives to mediate. However, Dudzai appears to have won first round of the battle as Venellet was chased away after the sex scandal.

When we approached William for comment, he refused to entertain us saying he was leaving to an unknown destination that Friday. He even destroyed some of the property in full view. When we left the house, Dudzai’s face was caked with blood as she bled from the mouth and nose. Concerned residents failed to restrain the enraged William while some were baying for Venellet’s blood for wrecking her uncle’s marriage.

Culled from H Metro

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